Showbiz Sandbox 9: I Loves Me A Good Ouster Story

June 22, 2009


Entertainment journalist Michael Giltz provides his insight and wit again this week.

“The Proposal” topped the box office, and was Sandra Bullock’s biggest movie opening ever. Which begs the question, why is this not also “a Ryan Reynolds movie”? Sean Penn is taking a year off for some “personal time,” or perhaps he just wants to get out of “The Three Stooges.” Other people taking time off are Steven Soderbergh and Brad Pitt, after Colombia Pictures President Amy Pascal pulled the plug on the Steven Zallian-scripted “Moneyball” which was set to shoot on Monday, June 22. Sam Mendes is having better luck, having just signed a two year deal with Focus Features, and he will direct the film adaptation of George Eliot’s classic “Middlemarch.”

It was a shoot ‘em up between NY Post Critic Lou Lumenick and Universal over Lumeneck’s early review of “Public Enemies.” Turns out there was an embargo on when the reviews could be published. Lumenick claims he didn’t know that, but according to Michael Giltz, it’s a rule of thumb that all reviewers know.

Is the Weinstein Company going out of business, or is all the gossip surrounding Harvey and Bob Weinstein’s production company just a lot of hot air meant to bring down the brothers W? They’ve hired a company that specializes in bankruptcy, so things don’t look good.

Speidi – that’s Spencer and Heidi Pratt for the uninitiated – allowed themselves to be bullied by a weatherman on “The Today Show” this week. Who knew Al Roker was such a relentless interviewer?

David Letterman apologized for his off-color joke about Sarah Palin’s daughter. David Letterman apologized again for his off-color joke about Sarah Palin’s daughter. And….David Letterman apologized for his off-color joke about Sarah Palin’s daughter.

Texas Instruments produces a bombshell for the motion picture exhibition industry by announcing they will be releasing a digital cinema chip with twice the resolution as what’s on the market today. But what do theatre owners do with the equipment they’ve already installed and how long will they have to wait for the new technology to be ready?

In Inside Baseball news: Paramount is “streamlining” – i.e. firing Jon Lesher and promoting Adam Goodman.

‘Proposal’ Accepted At The Box office

Sean Penn Taking Year Off

Sony Scraps Soderbergh’s Moneyball

Sam Mendes Inks Two Year Deal With Focus Features

Sorry Public Enemies Is Shooting Blanks

Media Buzzards Circle Weinstein Co

Weinstein Company May Not Have The Cash To Market Inglorious Basterds

Weinsteins Try To Rebuild A Film Studio

Al Roker Yells At Speidi

David Letterman Apologizes To Sarah Palin,,20285335,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

Texas Instruments Targets 4K; Cinemark Makes Deal With Barco

Paramount Ousts Jon Lesher, Brad Weston



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