Showbiz Sandbox 10: The Death Of Pop, Pinup Girls and (Possibly) 2D Movies

June 29, 2009


Roger Friedman, senior columnist for The Hollywood Reporter, and joins us along with writer Michael Giltz to discuss the death of Michael Jackson. Friedman has been covering Jackson since his first child molestation trial and is one of the trusted reporters covering the pop star’s life and death.

The Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences announced this week that the Academy Awards would now nominate ten films in the Best Picture instead of the usual five. Will this allow more deserving movies a shot at the big prize, or is this blatant pandering for higher Nielsen ratings?

“Transformers 2” stormed the world-wide box office over the weekend, but that still doesn’t make it a good movie.

J. Sperling Reich was lucky enough to get a peak at footage of James Cameron’s new 3D movie “Avatar” and shares as much as he thinks the studio will allow.

And finally, the death of Michael Jackson promptly kicked Farrah Fawcett’s death into the sidebar. But whose death affected us more?

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