Showbiz Sandbox 18: It’s All Fun And Games Until Celebrities Start Dyin’

September 3, 2009


Landing at the top of the North American box office this weekend was “The Final Destination” with “Halloween 2,” directed by Rob Zombie, coming in third. Zombie may not be part of that Old White Male club of directors that the New York Times highlighted this week, but apparently he can make a successful film. After reviving the “Halloween” franchise, Rob Zombie will continue to advance the horror porn genre with a remake of the 1958 classic, “The Blob.”

The biggest story of the week was Disney’s purchase of Marvel Comics. What will this mean for “Iron Man”, “Spider-Man”, the “X-Men”, and “Fantastic Four”? Maybe we’ll find out when Disney continues its takeover of the world with their own version of Comic-Con; the D23 Expo in Anaheim. The four day event will celebrate — and sell — all things Disney with celebrity appearances and slick sneak previews of upcoming films, television shows and theme park attractions.

Speaking of theme park attractions, Michael Jackson’s death was ruled a homicide. (Okay it only feels like it’s becoming a theme park attraction.) What will happen now? Maybe we’ll find out if we watch the new reality show on A&E featuring the Jackson family. You read that right; the cable network will air a reality series which documents the Jackson family and how they deal with the death of their most famous member. Says Executive Producer Jodi Gomes: “Everybody wants to do a show that’s very genuine. They’re not shy about talking about their brother, they just want to find it a way to do it honestly.”

If you’re looking to escape from Michael Jackson news, try “Duplicity,” now out on DVD. Michael Giltz thought it was one of the the best movies of the year so far, do you? Or are you more like Karen Woodward, who would rather watch a Jackson reality show over a Julia Roberts movie?

Filed under “Is that really news?”, VH1 wants less unscripted shows about love relationships after a reality show participant on one of their shows, Ryan Jenkins, apparently killed himself after becoming the lead suspect in the murder of his ex-wife. There was plenty of geek love last Sunday when actress (and current Hollywood “It” girl) Megan Fox jumped onto Xbox Live to promote the release of the latest “Transformers” video game, which is based on the recent film she starred in. This was part of Microsoft’s ongoing “Game With Fame” promotion. More breaking news: Noel Gallagher decided to quit Oasis. We’ll report this again in two months after he’s rejoined and requit the band for the umpteenth time.

In music news you might actually care about, “American Idol” winner Kris Allen and runner up Adam Lambert will release their albums on the same day; November 17th. Let the stampede begin! Maybe Paula Abdul can convince them to perform on “VH1 Divas” which she is hosting on September 17th. Abdul won’t be guesting on “Ugly Betty” however, allegedly because she was too much of a diva to fly commercial. Kristen “Poor Man’s Paula Abdul” Johnston will take the role instead.

Of course, no episode of Showbiz Sandbox is complete if we don’t talk about Jay Leno’s new show. (Hey did you hear that Jay Leno has his own show in primetime?) He announced the guests for his first: Tom Cruise (who will introduce a new segment called “10 at 10”, presumably while jumping off a couch), Robin Williams, Halle Berry, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Kanye West, and Eric Clapton.

And lastly, they listened! The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (which organizes the annual Golden Globe Awards) and Time Warner Cable, in association with Ovation TV, have each agreed to put up $75,000 toward the Los Angeles County Musuem of Art’s film program, which had been scheduled to close in October. The funds are enough to keep the repratoiry program alive until next June.

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