Showbiz Sandbox 19: The Beatles Get Mono (and Stereo!)

September 7, 2009


The focus is on music this week, with guests Bob Bolien of NPR’s All Songs blog and Sal Nunziato, former independent record store owner, and now freelance writer and blogger. Bob and Sal talk about the new Beatles box sets, how they find new music, and how the music industry is changing. . . or not changing enough. Boilen can also be found on twitter at You can find Nunziato’s writing on the Huffington Post on a regular basis.

In movie news, the Telluride Film Festival is under way. This festival is the charming little sister to the major film festivals and is where such films as “Slumdog Millionaire,” “Brokeback Mountain,” and “Capote,” first launched their extended Academy Award campaigns. Back in California, writer/director Nick Cassavetes is suing New Line Cinema (the studio that produced “The Notebook,” which Cassavetes helmed) claiming that the studio owes him money for writing a draft of a script that he was attached to direct. New Line had no comment… and that’s all we know, because trade paper Variety didn’t report anything other than a few basic facts. The Los Angeles Times’ Patrick Goldstein wants to know what happened to in-depth reporting?

Television viewers were heard loud and clear this week, and they said to keep new media off their television screens. Fox decided to overlay moderated Twitter posts on top of re-runs of “Glee” and “Fringe.” It what was probably pitched as “Pop Up Video for the Internet Generation!” The result was far from forward-thinking cool; the massive overlay ended up just annoying viewers. Whoops!

Lastly, when we talked about Bud Schulberg on Episode 15, we wondered what ever happened to Ben Stiller’s movie version of the writer’s “What Makes Sammy Run?” Clearly we aren’t the only ones wondering since Stiller and screenwriter Jerry Stahl decided to do a mock-interview explaining the ups-and-downs of the on-again-off-again project.

One last thing: Congratulations to our own Michael Giltz with the debut of his PopSurfing podcast. Check out his interview with Matthew Sweet.

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