Showbiz Sandbox 35: Women In Hollywood… It’s Complicated

December 28, 2009


You know it’s a slow entertainment news week when J. Sperling Reich, Karen Woodward, and Michael Giltz wind up talking about their personal arrest records. However even during the holiday season we can find showbiz news to talk about, not to mention places to talk. Michael joins us from the boisterous Cranky Café where he was enjoying homemade mac and cheese (and free Wifi).

America was sinning over the holidays, and by that we mean seeing movies on Christmas Day. Avatar set box office records with a $75 million North American gross and a $145 million international gross, but is it really a good movie? One movie that Karen and Michael agree is not at all good is “It’s Complicated”, and yet it’s doing rather well at the box office – is that because women are so starved for a decent “women’s film” that they will see whatever is in theatres?

Speaking of women’s films, or lack thereof, Karen digs up a couple of interesting news pieces focusing on the lack of a strong female presence in Hollywood, both on screen and off.

The end of a year always brings best of lists and future predictions, so we chose to focus on a Chicago Tribune blog focusing on the decade of television, and a Los Angeles Times article on what to expect from the world of big media during the next year. Get ready for a turbulent 2010!

Finally, as actor Charlie Sheen gets arrested in Colorado for domestic abuse, rumors surface that Apple is busy putting together an online television subscription plan. Will such an offering change the way we watch TV?

Avatar Grosses 145 Million As Fox International Sets Box Office Industry Record….

Times Critic On Hollywood, Women & Why Romantic Comedies Suck….

Women & Film….

Women In The Seats But Not Behind The Camera

Get Ready For A Turbulent 2010 In Media,0,2942337.story

Thoughts on the Aughts: What made the Golden Age of TV glow?….

Get Ready For A Turbulent 2010 In Media,0,2942337.story

Brittany Murphy Was Warned About Husband Simon Monjack But Did Not Listen….

Family, Friends Remember Brittany Murphy At Funeral Service….

Singer Songwriter Vic Chestnut Has Died

Rapper Lil Wayne Escapes Drug Charges….

Lil Wayne’s Delayed Album Released Early

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Jackass 3D Set To Arrive In October 2010

Charlie Sheen Arrested After Domestic Violence Claims

Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins Call It Quits After 23 Years

Tyra Banks Says Goodbye To Talk Show

Wicked Star Idina Menzel Not Coming To ‘Glee’ Yet

A Proposal From Apple to Offer Online TV Subscriptions



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