Showbiz Sandbox 39: Chez Sundance

January 25, 2010


Co-host Karen Woodward puts a moratorium on any more talk of “Avatar”, James Cameron’s 3D sci-fi epic which continues to break box office records. So instead, we skip straight to Sundance, where the atmosphere has gone from recession (last year) to depression (this year). J. Sperling Reich is in the snowy, cold ski town and fills us in on the movies everyone in Park City is buzzing about.

If you can’t make it to Sundance this year, no worries, you’ll be able to catch a few of the festival’s selections on YouTube.

Also in movie news, anti-smoking activists are claiming that Sigourney Weaver’s line “Where’s my damn cigarette” in “Avatar” should have earned the film an R rating. What set of rules is the MPAA going by when they come up with some of their absurd ratings?

After a brief fly by of the SAG Awards, we head over to television land.  Things have calmed down in the Conan vs. Leno vs. NBC war, but Michael Giltz and Karen must not have gotten the memo. They argue over who was wronged more by the whole debacle. Meanwhile, Conan O’Brien hosted his last “Tonight Show” on Friday. 

During our Big Deal or Big Whoop segment we learn that the rumors of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s split are indeed, just rumors, however the rumors that Aerosmith might be replacing lead singer Steven Tyler seem to be true. Also, Quincy Jones will revisit “We Are The World” and Roman Polanski will have to revisit the United States if he wants to be sentenced for his rape conviction.

During Inside Baseball, Michael and Karen lock horns once again over “transmedia storytelling.” Don’t know what it is? Listen to this episode and you’ll learn all about it!

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