Showbiz Sandbox 46: Hollywood’s Latest Meme Is 3D

March 22, 2010


A “Wimpy Kid” couldn’t beat “Alice In Wonderland” at the box office this weekend. The higher price for 3D tickets has turned “Alice” into Tim Burton’s most successful film. And Hollywood studios have definitely noticed how well audiences are responding to 3D. The new format is so hot that, much to the annoyance of James Cameron, they have gone back to convert some upcoming releases to 3D, such as “Clash of the Titans”.

With thirty three 3D films presently slated for release in 2010 this has managed to create a bottle neck at movie theaters where there is usually only enough room to show one 3D film at a time.  It’s gotten so competitive that Paramount has told theater owners that if they don’t play “How to Train Your Dragon” on their 3D enabled screen, they won’t send them a 2D print. But that means “Alice’s” engagement will be cut short. Beginning to see the problem?

While movie theaters don’t have enough 3D screens and too much content, the exact opposite is true in the home. Television manufacturers are selling 3D enabled televisions but there is nothing to watch. Have no fear though, Major League Baseball, NCAA basketball and the PGA Masters all have plans for 3D broadcasts.  

You can even see talk show host Conan O’Brien in 3D. Granted, you’ll have to come to see him in person at one of the 30 live stage shows he’s performing this summer around the U.S. Rumors are beginning to surface that O’Brien is edging closer to a deal with Fox for his own late-night laugher.

Over in the world of music, two musicians (one professional, one not) use a new website, Chatroulette!, to create some improvised viral videos.  Finally we touch on some Viacom-YouTube news and Rosie O’Donnell’s return to TV in Big Deal or Big Whoop before spending some time trying to understand why Spotify, Europe’s successful music service, is having trouble launching in North America.

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