Showbiz Sandbox 48: The Justin Bieber Swagger

April 5, 2010


Yet another 3D film release topped the box office this weekend, sort of.  “Clash of the Titans” was actually shot traditionally and had 3D added to it during post-production.  Many film critics and industry insiders are faulting the film’s 3D work, which was performed in only eight weeks.  Neil Feldman, the president and CEO of In-Three, a company that specializes in dimensionalizing 2D films, joins us during our Inside Baseball segment to discuss the difference between good 3D conversions and bad 3D conversions.  For Feldman, it’s all about quality, which he believes Warner Bros. was not concerned with on “Clash”.

Apparently, Warner Bros. also wasn’t concerned with producing a sequel of “The Hangover” when they set out to make the surprise comedy hit.  The studio neglected to put option clauses in the lead actor’s contracts so they are having to pay each of them $5 million to appear in the sequel.  The same may have been true for Twentieth Century Fox and “Independence Day”.  There are now rumors however that the studio has locked Will Smith in for two sequels to the blockbuster 1996 action film.  Unfortunately they are just that… rumors.

Justin Bieber continues to tear up the music charts.  His new album “My World 2.0” debuted in the number one spot and his first album is still at number five.  Though it’s not all good news for the 16-year-old pop star.  According to the Los Angeles Times, Bieber behaved like an egomaniac backstage at Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards ceremony.  Looks like the singer’s “swagger coach” is earning his salary.

We have our Biggest Deal/Biggest Whoop segement ever this week, covering all the week’s top entertainment headlines including, a third installment of “XXX” with star Vin Diesel, how to audition for next season’s “Glee” via Myspace and how Sarah Palin’s Fox News special fared in the ratings.

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