Showbiz Sandbox 49: Hollywood Experiences Premature Sequalization

April 12, 2010


Have you ever wondered why movie studios love to make sequels of hit films? Well, these studios don’t even wait for a film to be released before announcing its sequel. Steve Zeitchik of the Los Angeles Times fills us in on the sequel culture that has taken over Hollywood.

Meanwhile, the king and queen of television, Steve Carell and Tina Fey, nudged “Clash of the Titans” out of first place at the box office with their new release “Date Night”.

While Fey may be making a move to the silver screen, the big news of the week was happening in television – cable television no less. Oprah Winfrey announced five new shows that will air on her cable network starting next January, a lineup that left some industry-watchers befuddled. Another TV personality following Oprah onto a cable network is Conan O’Brien. He surprised just about everyone by announcing he would be starting his own late night talk show this fall on TBS.

While analyzing the week’s top entertainment news stories including how celebrities are using Twitter these days. We finish off with a little Inside Baseball in which we try and understand why anyone would want to buy Miramax or MGM. 

Premature Sequalization: Sequel Culture Runs Amok….

Conan O’Brien Will Do A Late Night Show On TBS….

Winfrey Network Details Programming Plans….

NBC Attempts To Edit Around Slash’s Team Coco Pin

Tiger Woods’ Nike Commercial Just Doesn’t Do It,tiger-woods-nike-commercial-08.article

Usher Overtakes Justin Bieber In Top Spot On Billboard’s Charts….

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy Break Up Via Twitter….

Harrison Ford Joins ‘Cowboys and Aliens’, Tweets Favreau….

Producers Guild of America Agrees on New Credit: Transmedia Producer….

Nicolette Sheridan Sues ‘Housewives’ Producer

Erykah Badu Charged With Disorderly Conduct For Music Video

Nic Cage’s House Too Weird To Sell….

Brad Bird In Final Negotiations To Direct ‘MI:4….

China Block Bob Dylan Gigs….

Disney has three offers for Miramax, including one from Weinsteins….

Hollywood Top Guns Take A Shot At Reviving MGM….

MGMT Announce Complete World Tour Dates….

MGMT Live At Club 69 In Brussels, Belgium

MGMT’s Video For Flash Delirium



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