Showbiz Sandbox 50: Coachella Gets Its Crowd On

April 20, 2010


This year’s Coachella Music and Arts Festival was hot, sweaty and packed with great music from more than 120 bands. Though an Icelandic volcano prevented some bands from traveling to Coachella this past weekend, a record setting sold out crowd of 75,000 attended the festival in the Southern California desert. Among them were Todd Martens, the co-editor of the Los Angeles Times Pop & Hiss blog and Lauren Bradshaw, the co-editor of BuzzSugar (not to mention our very own J. Sperling Reich). They stop by to fill us in on which musical acts were worth catching and which should have stayed home.

Meanwhile the superhero comedy “Kick-Ass” opened in movie theaters last Friday, however the film did not live up to it’s name. It barely squeaked into first place over the animated 3D film, “How To Train Your Dragon”. But is “Kick-Ass” really a flop, or have we become jaded when it comes to box office analysis?

As summer draws near, so too does the end of the television season. Which shows will stick around until next fall and which will be looking at the wrong end of the network’s ax? We’ll go over all the shows which are “on the bubble”. 

In our Big Deal or Big Whoop segment Joss Whedon will be directing the “Avengers”, Martin Scorsese will be going 3D and the ratings for “Glee” on Fox are going through the roof. Finally, during Inside Baseball we find out how the MPAA and RIAA not only make up piracy statistics, but also want to place “anti-infringement” software on all our computers. We wish them luck, ’cause they’re going to need it.

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