Showbiz Sandbox 57: A Memo From James Cameron

June 7, 2010


It was kind of a slow news week in the entertainment world, especially when it comes to the North American box office.  Movie attendance is down 10% over last year’s summer blockbuster season.  Hollywood Reporter deputy film editor Carl DiOrio stops by with his theories as to why audiences are staying away from this year’s crop of Hollywood offerings.

The MTV Movie Awards were held last weekend and the telecast was filled with so much profanity half of it was bleeped out. Though few take the awards seriously, we’ll still fill you in on all the winners and Tom Cruise’s outstanding dance performance.

Over in television Bravo has been making a name for itself with a string of successful reality television shows including “The Real Housewives of New York”.  The network is not shy about letting the New York Times know that they use social media and the Internet to decide which shows are working, popular storylines and which cast members are break out stars deserving their own show.  Speaking of break out stars, the cast of the popular “Big Bang Theory” wants a 285% pay raise and are presenting a unified front when negotiating with the network.

In Big Deal or Big Whoop this week we discuss whether James Cameron’s ideas hold any water.  We also cover a number of other top headlines including whether Ellen Degeneres’ sexuality had anything to do with “American Idol’s’ rating slip.  Finally, during Inside Baseball we provide updates on the ownership struggles at Lions Gate Entertainment and the sale of Miramax.

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