Showbiz Sandbox 65: Hollywood’s Love/Hate Relationship With Twitter

August 2, 2010


Last summer a number of movies had enormous box office drop offs in their second day of release and studios blamed it on what they termed the Twitter Effect. Daniel Frankel from The Wrap joins us to explain how the social media trend that was going to revolutionize word-of-mouth hasn’t demonstrably done so. Platforms such as Facebook, MySpace and even text messaging seem to influence moviegoers more than Twitter. That hasn’t stopped studios from finding modest success on Twitter by purchasing trending topics.

A number of big television news stories broke over the past week thanks to the annual Television Critics Association press tour. Ellen DeGeneres resigned as a judge on “American Idol”, but Fox may be replacing her with Jennifer Lopez. Meanwhile, Stephen McPherson, the president of ABC, abruptly resigned under a cloud of controversy relating to rumored sexual harassment investigations and was promptly replaced by ABC Family topper Paul Lee.

In the music world Kanye West may be hoping the Twitter effect will help boost sales of his upcoming album. The hip-hop star made headlines by opening a Twitter account and turning up at Facebook headquarters to entertain employees.

During Big Deal or Big Whoop we cover the weeks top entertainment news including Daniel Craig’s new role in “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” and why libraries might be the best place to rent a movie. We end with a little Inside Baseball story that has Virgin mogul Richard Branson launching his own movie studio.


VOTD: Inception, Toy Story 3 Trailer Mash Up

The Twitter Effect Isn’t What Hollywood Thought….

Ellen DeGeneres Out Of American Idol….

Kara DioGuardi Out At ‘Idol’….

McPherson Out At ABC; Lee Expected To Replace….

Steve McPherson Resigned Amid Alleged Sexual Harassment Probe….

It’s Official: Paul Lee Is ABC’s New President….

No Overtime For Steve Carell As NBC Acknowledges He’s Leaving The Office….

Eminem Stays On Top

Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling” Hits Historic 6 Million Download Mark….

Kanye West Visits His Facebook Friends, Performs New Material….

New Michael Jackson Album Due In November….

Now Legal In The U.S.….

Artists Lose Out As Fans Stop Burning CDs

Spotify Reboots U.S. Label Negotiations….

Daniel Craig To Star In Film Versions of Stieg Larsson Novels….

President Obama Ganers Big Viewing On Daytime TV….

Guillermo Del Toro And James Cameron Come Together ‘At The Mountains of Madness’….

Fox To Launch American Country Awards….

Rihanna to Make Her Big Screen Debut In ‘Battleship’….

Lindsay Lohan Released From Jail

“Mad Men” Premiere Ratings Rise (A Little)….

‘Damages’ Saved From Cancellation By DirecTV….

With Pacino ‘Merchant of Venice’ Will Transfer To Broadway….

Terry Gilliam To Direct Webcast Of Arcade Fire Concert….

Kings Of Leon Cancels St. Louis Show Due To Bird Sh*t….

More People Getting DVDs From Library Than From Netflix or Redbox….

IMDB’s Top 250 Films

Relativity Media’s Rogue Pacts With New Virgin Production Arm….


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