Showbiz Sandbox 68: Who Said Jennifer Aniston Was A Movie Star?

August 23, 2010


Who would have guessed that in this day and age a Sylvester Stallone movie could top the box office for two straight weeks. But Sly’s “The Expendables” finished first with $16 million beating out five new releases including the Jennifer Aniston vehicle “Switched”. The dramedy opened to a disappointing $8.1 million prompting entertainment pundits like Patrick Goldstein of the Los Angeles Times to question whether Aniston is truly a movie star.

Generating interest doesn’t seem to be a problem for “The Social Network”, which details the founding of Facebook. More than six weeks before its release the film directed by David Fincher is getting a ton of early Oscar buzz.

Google is also making waves in Hollywood. A book about the company’s early days is being turned into a movie and Google TV has the industry worried that consumers will start canceling their cable subscriptions en masse. According to a story in the New York Times however, Americans have not been cutting their cable cords in the large numbers once predicted. Instead, cable subscriptions have increased.

Also on the rise is rapper Lil Wayne’s income. Forbes estimates he’s made $20 million this year as compared to $18 million last year, a fact made even more amazing since Lil Wayne has been in prison since February.

We discuss the week’s top news stories during Big Deal or Big Whoop including a China’s version of “The Office”, Conan O’Brien’s record deal and Neil Patrick Harris’ Emmy Awards. A boost in readership and a shift in tone at one of Hollywood’s venerable trade publications is this week’s Inside Baseball topic.


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  • Jennifer Aniston is no movie actress. She has no pizzazz and now that she’s distanced from A-list Brad Pitt, no one wants to see her anymore.