Showbiz Sandbox 71: Missing Good Movies In Toronto, Eh?

September 14, 2010


Trying to record a podcast when your hosts are half a world apart in three different time zones is no easy task, but still we persevered. We even managed to land Megan Garvey from the Los Angeles Times as a special guest. She tells us all about the Times’ new iPhone app which provides an interactive tour of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Host Michael Giltz is at the Toronto International Film Festival and he fills us in on all the movies that people are buzzing about. Unfortunately, he’s been shut out or has missed most of the future Oscar contenders that make their annual debut at the festival.

The MTV Video Music Awards were held over the weekend and Lady Gaga was a big winner. The pop sensation showed up in a dress made of red meat and walked off with eight trophies.

Big Deal or Big Whoop is abbreviated this week due to travel schedules, but we still manage to fill you in on some of the week’s top entertainment news, including a return to “At The Movies” for Roger Ebert and Oprah’s fading ratings. During Inside Baseball we discuss the Hollywood Reporter’s decision to go from a daily trade paper to a weekly magazine.


Michael Giltz’s Toronoto Film Festival Coverage….….….….

Venice Wrap: Golden Lion Goes To Somewhere….

Did Quentin Play Favorites?….

MTV Music Awards Gets Biggest Audience Since 2002

Video Music Awards Provide Sideshows,0….

Is Howard Stern Exiting Sirius XM?….

Ebert Relaunches At The Movies….

The XX Wins The Mercury Prize….

US “X Factor” May Kill UK “X Factor”….

Best Buy To Sell Kindle In Stores….

Ratings Slightly Off For “Oprah” Season Opener,CST-NWS….

Los Angeles Times Hollywood Star Walk App….

The Los Angeles Times Hollywood Walk of Fame Info

Hollywood Reporter To Become A Weekly


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