Showbiz Sandbox 75: Hollywood Stunned By A Jackass (And It’s Not Perez Hilton!)

October 18, 2010


Everyone expected the latest installment of the low-rent “Jackass” franchise to bring in a few bucks, especially since it was filmed in 3D, but nobody expected the movie to take in $50 million in its debut weekend and set records for an October opening. Another surprise from this past week came when gossip blogger Perez Hilton told the world he would no longer “bully” or “out” celebrities on his popular website. Hilton has left everyone wondering if he is being honest, or just trying to grab a few headlines.

In television news, the big story was all about the Chilean miner rescue which drew huge ratings for cable news networks. As for some of the season’s new shows, we provide an update on which ones seem to be fairing well and which may be headed into a permanent hiatus.

The nominations for the American Music Awards were announced, though instead of pulling names from Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, the show relied on the Ultimate Chart published by BigChampagne.

During Big Deal or Big Whoop we cover the week’s top showbiz news, including rumors that a sequel to “Top Gun” is in the works, a release schedule that has Steven Spielberg competing with himself, and Ozzy Osbourne’s new gig as a health columnist for Rolling Stone. Our Inside Baseball topic focuses on a Hollywood talent agency’s attempt to energize its staff with a comical video and how it was ultimately leaked online.


‘Jackass 3D’ Blows Up The Competition….

The Hobbit Gets Its Greenlight With Jackson Directing….

Mary Parent Exiting MGM

James Cameron Flirting With Cleopatra

Miner Rescue Draws Millions….

Mining Reality Show Coming To TV….

Barbara Billingsley, Who Played June Cleaver, Dies At 94….

Incredible Hulk Headed Back To TV

Fox Gives Series Order To “Napoleon Dynamite”….

Again, Kutcher Sells Blog To CBS….

Eminem, Lady Antebellum Lead AMA Noms

Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” Title, Poster and Website Revealed….

Perez Hilton Promises To Stop Bullying Celebrities

Perez Hilton Wants To Stop Bullying. Do You Believe Him?….

Sirius XM Nears 20 Million Subscriber Mark….

Taylor Swift Next On ‘Glee’?

‘Top Gun 2’ Is Heading To The Runway

Johnny Galecki Joins Justin Timberlake Film….

Hollywood Reporter Relaunches Website….

Clash of the Titan: Spielberg Movies Will Duel….

Culture Club Reunion Confirmed

Ozzy Osbourne Is Taking Your Health Questions

APA Retreat Reel Disses Agency Rivals….


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