Showbiz Sandbox 77: It’s Official – Hollywood To Make Nothing But Sequels

November 1, 2010


With the seventh installment of the Saw franchise and Paranormal Activity 2 topping this week’s box office, it’s not hard to see why Hollywood studios have been greenlighting sequels and prequels. They range from high profile titles such as “The Hobbit” and “Avatar”, to questionable projects such as “Top Gun 2”. Don’t even get us started on the prequel to Martin Scorsese’s “Goodfellas”.

If big budget Hollywood movies aren’t your thing, you could always stay home and watch television, provided the broadcast networks don’t get into a carriage dispute with your cable provider and black out their signal. Fox did just that to Cablevision subscribers recently and we’ll explain why. Meanwhile, Conan O’Brien prepares for his new late night talk show with a Rolling Stone interview.

During Big Deal or Big Whoop we provide analysis of the week’s top entertainment headlines, including Charlie Sheen’s latest trouble, a new hit for AMC and a film based on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Our Inside Baseball discussion focuses on why consumers prefer to rent digital movies rather than purchase them.


Hobbit Staying In New Zealand

James Cameron’s Next Films Are Avatar 2 & 3….

Christopher Nolan Reveals Title Of Third Batman Film….

Robert Zemeckis Says Roger Rabbit Sequel Is Coming Along….

Tony Scott Locked For “Top Gun 2”….

Matt Damon Says Not Notified About “Bourne Legacy”….

‘Goodfellas’ TV Prequel Confirmed

Cablevision, Fox End 15 Day Blackout

Dish, Fox Reach Carriage Agreement

Conan O’Brien Comes Clean

Conan O’Brien Gives Fans A Sneak Peek With “Show Zero”….

‘Mike & Molly’ Creator Slams Marie Claire….

Print Books Still Big Man On Campus….

Did MySpace Get Its Redesign Right?

Kara Dioguardi Named Judge For “Going Platinum”….

McCartney Remasters “Band On The Run”….

Charlie Sheen In Hospital After Drunk Vice Girl Rampage At Hotel….

HBO Ending ‘Big Love’

Roland Emmerich Will Shoot Aliens On A Shoestring….

Super Bowl Ad Slots Sell out Early….

Donald Trump Signs First-Look Deal With NBC Universal….

Michael Jackson Song “Thriller” To Become Movie….

“Walking Dead” Sets AMC Ratings Record

3 Scripts By Akira Kurosawa Discovered

“Ghost Rider 2” Budget Slashed By $60 Million

Agent David Styne Sells Script Under Pseudonym….

More People Watching Movies Online, But Few Are Buying Them,0,558719.story

Netflix Grabs 20% Of Peak Time U.S. Internet Traffic


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