Showbiz Sandbox 82: Training For The Awards Season Marathon

December 6, 2010


The end of the year always has more “best of” lists and awards show news than any media outlet knows what to do with. Over the past week nominees were announced for the Independent Spirit Awards, the Grammys and the Annies (for animated films). In Europe, they’ve already started holding awards ceremonies, with “The King’s Speech” cleaning up at the British Independent Film Awards and “Ghost Writer” topping the European Film Awards.

Competing at next year’s awards shows will likely be a few films selected for the upcoming Sundance Film Festival which will take place in January. Some outlets noted that the festival’s competition selection didn’t have enough star driven films, but artistic director John Cooper points to the premieres section which has been programmed with films sure to keep the Park City paparazzi quite busy.

In television news, it appears the degree to which networks and advertisers trust Nielsen’s rating system is decreasing by the day. They claim Nielsen’s method of acquiring its numbers is antiquated.  Meanwhile, on Broadway, all anyone wants to talk about is “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark”. While most avid theater-goers believe the super hero musical is going to be awful, they all still can’t wait to see it.

Of course, we cover the week’s top entertainment headlines during Big Deal or Big Whoop, including a new contract for Ryan Seacrest, a release date for Mel Gibson’s next movie and Kevin Smith’s dubious retirement plans. The tiff between Internet backbone provider Level 3 and cable operator Comcast, initially sparked by Netflix streaming, is our Inside Baseball topic this week. Unfortunately, only the nerdiest among us may comprehend it.


“Tangled” On Top As “Warrior’s Way” Flops….

Winter’s Bone Tops Spirit Award Nominations….

Social Network Named Best Film By National Board Of Review….

King’s Speech Tops British Independent Film Awards….

Polanski’s ‘Ghost Writer’ Scores Six At European Film Awards….

2010 Annie Nominees Are Announced

Sundance Film Festival Releases Competition Slate….

2011 Grammy Award Nominees Announced

Kanye West Falls Short of Prediction On Album Sales….

Nielsen, Heal Thyself….

Comcast and NBC Give Themselves More Time To Close Deal….

Google Launches Google Ebooks, Formerly Google Editions….

A ‘Spider-Man’ Actress Is Injured Backstage

‘Spider-Man’ Musical Team Sends Conan Scary Thank You Letter

‘Next to Normal’ On Filmmaker Rob Reiner’s Movie Wish List….

Lee Daniels Eyeing The Scottsboro Boys….

Ryan Seacrest Reups With Clear Channel….

Casting Director Dismissed From ‘The Hobbit’….

Angelina Jolie Defends Bosnian Directorial Debut

Prince William’s Royal Wedding May Be Broadcast In 3D….

New ‘Catfish’ Lawsuit Could Finally Expose The Truth

Michael Douglas Prepping For Post Cancer Role….

Kevin Smith Reveals Red State Distribution Plans, Won’t Retire….

Disney Will Set Sail For ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ 5 & 6….

Mel Gibson’s “The Beaver”: Is It Fish or Fowl?

Michael Cera Joins Mister Heavenly

David Lynch Turns Pop Singer-Songwriter….

Jack White Defends Third Man Records eBay Auctions

The Real Story Behind the Comcast – Level 3 Battle


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