Showbiz Sandbox 85: How To Save The Movie Business

December 27, 2010


In an age of video on demand and mobile computing, the traditional method for releasing films doesn’t seem to be working. As ticket prices rise, moviegoing and ticket sales are declining. Even worse, the fastest declining segment of moviegoers is young adults who can’t find movies that speak to their generation. Independent producer Cotty Chubb has proposed a potential solution to the problem, but it requires the participation of reluctant theater operators.

In a open letter to Relativity Media topper Ryan Kavanaugh published on IndieWire, Chubb suggests that riskier movies be released “day-and-date” at lower prices not only in theaters but on multiple platforms such as DVD and iTunes. He joins us for an in-depth discussion about his plan and how to bring audiences back to the movies.

As 2010 comes to a close we take a look at some of the year’s highest grossing and most pirated films. We also say goodbye to our co-host Karen Woodward whose career as a social media consultant has truly taken off.

Of course, we cover the week’s top entertainment headlines during Big Deal or Big Whoop, including the latest news from the Broadway version of “Spider-Man”, a delay in the next “DaVinci Code” movie and Steven Soderbergh’s rumored retirement. Our Inside Baseball topic focuses on SoundExchange and the music industry’s rising digital fortunes.


Top 10 Grossing Movies Released In The US In 2010….

Hollywood’s Highest Grossing Actors….

Avatar Wins Coveted Most Pirated Movie Award For 2010….

How Ryan Kavanaugh Can Save The Movies….

Spider-Man Cancels Performances After Actor Is Injured….

Viacom Sells Rock Band Creator Harmonix

Comedian Tracy Morgan Has Kidney Transplant In NYC

MTV Signs Series Deal With Jersey Shore’s Pauly D….

Dan Brown Taking Over “Lost Symbol” Screenplay….

Banksy Says Exit Through Gift Shop 100% True….

New Online Show From MTV Highlights Regional Music Scene….

Iran Jails Filmmaker Jafar Panahi

Steven Spielberg Advising Nancy Pelosi On Rebranding Democrats….

Steven Soderbergh Really Does Plan To Retire From Filmmaking….

“Elf” Breaks B.O. Record Again At Hirschfeld Theatre….

Sony Launches Music Unlimited Digital Music Service….

SoundExchange Posts Improved 2009 Royalties, 2010 Estimates….


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