Showbiz Sandbox 96: Why Facebook Is Becoming Your Friendly Neighborhood Video Store

March 14, 2011


In their never ending quest to replace declining DVD revenue movie studios have begun renting movies on Facebook. Such partnerships are focused on more than just sales, or finding a Netflix competitor, they are also about marketing. As Facebook users rent and purchase movies they’ll be transformed into a social marketing army.

Mel Gibson made headlines again last week accepting a plea deal in his spousal battery case. Whether moviegoers will forgive Gibson for recent ethnic slurs and racist comments will be tested when his next film, “The Beaver”, premieres at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. Meanwhile, Carlie Sheen, in between streaming his wacky behavior on the Internet, was also headed to court to file a $100 million lawsuit against Warner Bros. and sitcom producer Chuck Lorre.

Julie Taymor joined Sheen on the unemployment line. After spending nine years bringing the Broadway musical “Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark”, Taymor was replaced as the director of the expensive, beleaguered musical.

We also review and analyze the week’s top entertainment headlines, including how a potential NFL strike is big trouble for television networks, Target losing its exclusive deal with Lady Gaga and music streaming service Spotify surpassing one million paid subscribers.


Mel Gibson Pleads No Contest To Spousal Battery….

A Media Swarm Awaits Mel Gibson At Court….

Why Mel Gibson’s Movie Career Should Revive After Misdemeanor Plea….

Charlie Sheen Sues Warner Bros., Chuck Lorre For $100 Million….

Chuck Lorre’s Lawyer Fires Back At Charlie Sheen

Two And A Half Men Is Better Than None….

Jason Alexander Will Be Charlie Sheen For You….

Charlie Sheen Debuts Cooking Show With Funny Or Die….

Tiger Blood Energy Drink Released….

Charlie Sheen Helps Make A Name For Ustream

Tired Of Charlie Sheen? There’s A Browser Plug-in For That….

US Chart Has First All-UK Top Three Since Eighties

Precipitous Fall for ‘Spider-Man’ Director

Spider-Man: Troubled Production In Cocoon For A Month….

Guillermo del Toro Directing ‘Pacific Rim’ For Legendary Pictures….

Could An NFL Lockout Help Save “Chuck” For Another Season?….

Spotify Cracks The Million User Ceiling….

Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop: Film Review

Lady Gaga, Target End Deal To Sell Exclusive “Born This Way” Album….

Chief Executive Of NPR Resigns….

Sarah McLachlan Says Lilith Fair Is Over….

Hackers Discover Google’s Cloud Based Music Service….

Borders To Decide Fate Of 75 Stores This Week….

Warner Tests Renting Film On Facebook For Cash

Hoping To Be The Netflix For The Sundance Crowd….

Hulu Video Gets Original….

Phil Collins – Letter To Fans


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