Showbiz Sandbox 97: What The Failure Of “Mars Needs Moms” Means For Hollywood

March 22, 2011


When Disney’s animated film “Mars Needs Moms” flopped at the box office, film industry insiders struggled to pinpoint a possible cause.  Was it the motion-capture animation style?  The lackluster storyline?  Are multiplexes saturated with too animated family films?  Have higher 3D ticket prices caused moviegoers to become more picky?  We are joined by New York Times media reporter Brooks Barnes who faults a long list of culprits for the movies failure.

Meanwhile, music industry big shots trekked to Austin, Texas last week hoping to find undiscovered artists at the South by Southwest music conference.  However, 13-year-old Rebbecca Black didn’t have to attend SxSW to attract attention.  She became the world’s latest pop-star in under a week when her much maligned song and music video turned into a viral Internet sensation.

Streaming video continues to change the television landscape.  Video streaming service Netflix made the jump into original programming by picking up a television series.  Such a move was aimed at keeping Netflix ahead of an endless assortment of competitors entering the market.

We provide coverage and analysis of the week’s important entertainment headlines, including Duran Duran’s collaboration with David Lynch, Garrison Keillor’s pending retirement and the Writers Guild’s new contract.


Many Culprits In Fall Of A Family Film

Yellow Submarine Won’t Set Sail At Disney….

SXSW Organizers Plan To Limit Free Events Next Year

Rebecca Black Discusses ‘Friday’ And Cyberbullying….

Supreme Court Sides With Eminem In Universal Music Royalty Dispute….

ABC And NBC Finish Behind Univision….

The New York Times Announces Digital Subscription Plan….

What’s Behind the Latest Batch Of Rumors About Charlie Sheen Returning to TV?

Kevin Costner Closes Deal To Join ‘Superman’

David Lynch To Direct Duran Duran Live-Streamed Concert….

Cable News Viewership Declines Double Digits In 2010….

Garrison Keillor, “Prairie Home Companion” Host, To Retire From Radio….

Cowell Welcomes L.A. Reid As ‘X-Factor’ Judge….

Writers, Hollywood studios reach contract agreement,0,3412….

Bittorent To World Premiere Feature Intentionally….

Cable Nets Riled Up By TimeWarner App….

Time Warner Cables TV Everywhere iPad App Cut To 15 Channels From 32….

HBO Go Ups Content To 1,400 Titles

Netflix Is Said To Be Close To Acquiring A Television Show

Netflix Controls 61% of Movie Streaming….

How The Assault On Netflix Will Shake Out

Studio And Netflix’s Newest Threat: $1 Online Rentals From Zediva

Screen Media To Offer Free Streaming Movies On New Website

Amazon Streaming Service No Threat To Netflix….


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