Showbiz Sandbox 98: Why New Distribution Models Terrify Hollywood

April 4, 2011


Movie studios, television networks and record labels still haven’t updated their business models to account for video and music streaming services like Netflix and Spotify. Now companies such as Amazon, Google and Apple plan on introducing a whole new group of media subscription services. With premium video-on-demand on the horizon it’s no surprise the entertainment industry is concerned about all these disruptive distribution methods.

One of the biggest players in the current content licensing wars has been Netflix. Showtime and Starz began pulling shows from the video rental giant, while Fox and Paramount offered up popular series and hit movies. Cable operators have also entered the fray by allowing viewers to watch live television on mobile device apps.

The creator of “Mad Men” was embroiled in his own fight with AMC and Lionsgate over the future of the series. In the end, Matthew Weiner was able to reach an agreement on a new contract, though new episodes won’t air until 2012.

We cover the top showbiz headlines from the past two weeks including Brook Shields on Broadway, John Mellencamp’s collaboration with Stephen King, Betty White’s new reality series and highlights from CinemaCon in Las Vegas.


‘The King’s Speech’ PG-13 Version Gets Release Date

Eminem Lawsuit May Raise Pay For Older Artists

Amazon Introduces A Digital Music Locker

Why Amazon Picked A Fight With The Labels….

Streaming May Topple Music Industry Iceberg….

Juniper Research’s Mobile Music Opportunities

Talks Stall Between ‘Mad Men’ Creator Matt Weiner and AMC, Lionsgate,0,954….

Matthew Weiner Talks To Vulture About The ‘Mad Men’ Deal

Matt Weiner, AMC Reach Deal On ‘Mad Men’

No MTV? No Problem. New Channels On Time Warner Cable App

Netflix Brings Paramount Films Online In Canada

Fox and Netflix Expand Pact, Add ‘Glee’ To Streaming Service….

Miramax In Talks With Netflix, Google, Hulu, For Digital Distribution Deal….

Netflix To Lose Some Showtime Content On Its Streaming Service,0,524….

Starz Tightens Netflix Windows

Ohio University Grapples With Netflix Usage….

Spotify Gets Punkd By TechCrunch For April Fools….

Do HuffPost Bloggers Feel Exploited? Survey Says…

Universal Dropping Musical ‘In The Heights’

New David Mamet Play Set To Premiere In London This Fall….

Brook Shields Will Be The New Morticia In ‘Addams Family’….

John Mellencamp-Stephen King Stage Collaboration Gets An Opening Date….

Charlie Sheen Bombs In His Concert Kickoff….

New Ranking Combines Print-Digital Reach Of Metro Papers, Reveals Surprising Winners….

Tyler Perry Extends Deal With Lionsgate….

Google Book Settlement Is Rejected….

MySpace Loses Over Ten Million Users In One Month

Another Nail In The Coffin: MySpace Ad Revenue Tanks….

CBS and Turner Shoot, Score With Streaming….

‘The Book of Mormon” Review Revue

Sales, Earnings Up At Random House….

Peer-To-Peer Music Downloading Hits All-Time Low….

Jennifer Garner To Star In Disney’s Miss Marple Reboot….

James Franco To Teach Class At NYU

NBC Picks Up Betty White Reality Series

Random Uncovers ‘New’ Seuss Stories….

Theater Owners Fuming Over Studios’ VOD Plan

Fox Sees On-Demand Plan As A Way To Help Under-performing Films


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