Showbiz Sandbox 99: How To Fix Hollywood’s Obsolete Residual Payments System

April 11, 2011


Labor and contract negotiations are a constant concern in Hollywood. Entertainment attorney Jonathan Handel is a contributor to The Hollywood Reporter and has written a book about the industry’s labor disputes,  “Hollywood on Strike!: An Industry at War in the Internet Age“. The book grew out of his coverage of the labor unrest that began with the 100 day Writers Guild strike leading to turmoil in all union negotiations over the next two years. Handel proposes a new formula for residuals that could help avoid future strikes.

Blockbuster, the beleaguered video chain which filed for bankruptcy protection last year, was auctioned off to Dish Networks.  How the acquisition will benefit the satellite television provider remains to be seen.

The Grammy Awards are getting trimmed down as they cut more than 30 categories and combine a number of others.  Music industry professionals are split over whether the changes will help the awards show.

We provide coverage and analysis of the week’s top entertainment news, including the death of filmmaker Sidney Lumet, how the end of Oprah’s talk show has led to a shuffling of big name news anchors and why pop stars insist on getting writing credit on songs they didn’t write.


‘Hop’ Beats ‘Arthur’ At Weekend Box Office

Sidney Lumet, Director of American Classics, Dies At 86….

New CEO For Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences,0,43….

Dish Network To Acquire Blockbuster….

Grammys Cutting More Than 30 Categories….

Glenn Beck To ‘Transition Off” Fox News Show….

Katie Couric, Then Meredith Viera Now Matt Lauer To Leave Today Show After 13 Years….

Couric’s Rocky Path To A Likely Parting With CBS

‘Glee’ Going Gaga In Special 90 Minute Episode

YouTube Gets Into The Live Streaming Game

George Takei Wants To Be Spider-Man….

Programmers Silent As Cablevision Launches iPad App….

Britney Spears Songwriter: Pop Stars Get Co-Writing Credits For Doing Nothing….

John Lennon’s Letters To Be Published By Little Brown….

Two ‘Jersey Shore’ Spin-Offs Set For 2012….

Snooki vs. Toni Morrison

Death Cab For Cutie – You Are A Tourist Video Shot and Broadcast Live

Will Smith & Son Jaden Smith Join M. Night Shyamalan For Futuristic Sci-Fi….

‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Sells More Than 1 Million Digital Copies….

AMC Theatres Will Demand New Terms on Premium VOD Titles

As Ad Spending Rises, Print Still Suffers….


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