Showbiz Sandbox 126: Foot In Mouth Disease Sweeps Through Hollywood

November 14, 2011


Getting publicity in Hollywood can be a very difficult task. If you are an A-list director like Brett Ratner or a hot actor like Ashton Kutcher however, all you need to do is make a bigoted statement or fire off an ignorant Twitter post and you’ll get more ink than you ever wanted. Ratner’s homophobic slur forced him to resign as producer of next year’s Oscars, while Kutcher’s uninformed opinion on current events caused him to rethink his social media participation. Has the entertainment industry become overly sensitive or do its inhabitants just have no class? We try to figure out what all the fuss is about.

The other big news of the week was the sale of record label EMI to Universal Music Group and Sony. EMI’s owner, Citibank, decided to split the record label from its publishing arm in an effort to get the deal passed antitrust regulators. As the music industry contracts from four major record companies to three, what will it mean for indie artists and their fans?

Broadway may also be undergoing some changes soon. Long running musicals such as “Mamma Mia!”, “Chicago” and “Mary Poppins” seem to be fading fast and may need to make way for new productions such as a revival of “Porgy & Bess”, “Evita” featuring Ricky Martin and a stage version of “Bonnie & Clyde”.

We also cover the week’s top entertainment headlines including, but not limited to, the introduction of Amazon’s lending library, Jay-Z’s new T-shirt business and film critic Roger Ebert’s quest to find a sponsor for his weekly television show.


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  • Ashton Kutcher made an innocent mistake and Brett Ratner did everything one could ask after making an offensive remark. And yet they both got slapped down. What happened to politely accepting an apology? Not Hollywood’s speed, I guess.