Showbiz Sandbox 141: Mike Daisey Learns The Difference Between Journalism and Art

March 19, 2012


Monologist Mike Daisey began performing his one-man show, “The Agony and Ecstacy of Steve Jobs”, hoping to highlight the poor working conditions suffered by workers who make Apple products in Chinese factories. When it was learned that Daisey made-up most of his accounts of meetings with factory employees, it stirred up a debate over the changing definition of journalism. Are Daisey’s monologues really human truths in story form, or was he simply bending the truth to tell a better story?

Meanwhile, fans of British television are probably already familiar with Acorn Media. Now current and classic British programming such as “Upstairs Downstairs” can be watched on the company’s new streaming service, Acorn TV. Most recently Acorn acquired the rights to the popular World War II mystery series “Foyle’s War” as well as the estate of Agatha Christie. Miguel Penella, the company’s CEO, joins us to discuss some of Acorn’s bold moves for survival and long-term growth.

In music news, Billboard has finally figured out a way to include online music streaming figures in their weekly Hot 100 chart. Even so, some skeptics are pointing out that music video plays still aren’t being counted.

Of course, we cover the week’s top entertainment headlines including the cancellation of Rosie O’Donnell’s latest talk show, a criminal controversy on “American Idol” and why the Rolling Stones have delayed their 50th anniversary world tour.


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Billboard Gets Digital Update….

Billboard, Nielson & NARM Partner For New Streaming Airplay Chart & Updated Hot 100

Nielsen: No Evidence Of On-Demand Music Streams Hurting Download Sales

‘This American Life’ Retracts Daisey Story On Apple And Steve Jobs

Academy Sets Oscar Dates, Crowding The Golden Globes

‘American Idol’: Jermaine Jones Exits Show With Five Outstanding Arrest Warrants

History Channel Orders First Scripted Series

BSkyB Movie Probe Widened To Include Netflix And LoveFilm

After 244 Years Encyclopedia Britannica Stops The Presses

Los Tigres Del Norte Banned In Mexican City

Miramax CEO Mike Lange Unexpectedly Resigns

Mario Puzo Estate Wants To Cancel ‘The Godfather’ Contract With Paramount In Countersuit

Stones’ 50th Anniversary Tour Pushed Back To 2013

Acorn Media Group Acquires Agatha Christie Library


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