Showbiz Sandbox 155: How Hollywood Handles A Real-Life Tragedy

July 24, 2012


The ripple effect caused by a deranged gunman last week at a midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” spread far beyond the scene of the crime in Aurora, Colorado. Warner Bros. had to instantly pivot from celebrating the studios biggest opening of the year to managing a horrific nightmare which left 12 people dead and dozens injured. We examine how the studio and the entertainment industry have dealt with being part of such a tragic event.

On a happier note, at least for cable networks, the Emmy nominations were announced last week for the year’s best achievements in television. The major broadcast networks, which used to dominate the awards, were entirely shut-out in certain categories. Is this merely a fluke, or has the tide truly shifted to cable programming?

Meanwhile, author Brett Easton Ellis has been in a public feud with Deadline Hollywood editor Nikki Finke, all thanks to a simple posting on Twitter. We’ll fill you in.

We also cover all the week’s top entertainment headlines including some sequels to popular Pixar films, an executive shake-up at News Corp. and the newest judge on “American Idol”.


Gunman Kills 12 In Colorado, Reviving Gun Debate

‘Dark Knight’ Shooting: Warner Bros. Won’t Report Grosses Out of Respect for Victims

NYPD Increasing ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Theater Security After Colorado Shootings

Theater Owners Begin Donation Drive for Aurora Shooting Victims

Conflicted Thoughts About Seeing The Dark Knight Rises

Saddened But Undaunted, Moviegoers Line Up for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

‘Dark Knight Rises’ Opens to Record $30.6 Mil in Midnight Grosses Amid Shooting

United States IMAX Theaters

International IMAX Theaters

Emmy Nominations: The Complete List,0,521498.htmlstory

Emmy Nominations Tilt Toward Cable,0,2904276.story

News Corp.’s Peter Rice Gets Bigger Role,0,1363707.story

Rupert Murdoch Quits As News International Director

Andrew Stanton To Direct Pixar’s ‘Finding Nemo’ Sequel

CBS Fall Season Premiere Dates

Classic Novels To Receive Erotic Makeover

All Methed Up And Nowhere To Go

DoJ Reviews Comments, Says E-book Deal to Go Ahead

Viacom, DirecTV Reach New Carriage Deal

TCA 2012: Mariah Carey Officially Named New ‘American Idol’ Judge

DreamWorks Animation buys ‘Casper,’ ‘Lassie’ parent Classic Media,0,6340731.story

Bret Easton Ellis’ Agency Hires Top Litigators in Nikki Finke War

‘Modern Family’ Cast Rejects Latest Salary Offer; Table Read Canceled


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