Showbiz Sandbox 169: How TV Networks Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The DVR

October 29, 2012


Major networks used to bemoan the use of DVRs out of fear that audiences would use them to skip over commercials. However, with DVRs in almost half of all US homes, they have begun touting the big audience increases some of their shows get after factoring in time shifted viewing. Scott Collins, a television reporter with the Los Angeles Times, discusses modern-day TV ratings and how the industry is coping as viewing habits change.

And if you thought television networks were in trouble, they’ve got nothing on the film industry. If you were to believe folks like film critic David Denby and a recent New York Times article, movies may not even be relevant anymore.

Talent agencies aren’t immune from all the changes affecting the industry. Last week the longtime head of ICM Partners, one of the world’s largest ten percenteries, announced he’d be leaving to start a new agency.

Of course, we also cover the week’s top entertainment news including how a child sex abuse scandal at the BBC, the merger of publishing giants Penguin and Random House, and an Amy Winehouse musical.


Argo No Longer Just A Mid-Week Champ

Foreign Box Office: ‘Skyfall’ Blasts Off Overseas With Massive $77.7 Million

Movies Try to Escape Cultural Irrelevance

Analysis: DVR Viewing Gives Fall TV Shows A Critical Ratings Boost,0,1756792.story

Bertelsmann, Pearson to Combine Book Units to Create Trade Publishing Giant Penguin Random House

Dohle Addresses Booksellers, Authors and Agents About Merger

News Corporation Is Said to Bid for Penguin

Random House, Penguin May Merge

President Obama Scores On The Tonight Show

New Play About Amy Winehouse to Open in Denmark

B&N’s E-Ink Devices Go On Sale in U.K. Today

Pop Acts Go to the Highest-Bidding City

TV Ratings: Football Bests World Series Final as Sports Tops a Robust Sunday

Warner Bros. Relents, Agrees To Redbox DVD Deal,0,1008334.story

Former ICM Chairman and CEO Jeff Berg Exits Agency,0,6394040.story

Longtime Agent Carol Bodie Leaving ICM

CAA Signs Bill Cosby, Ending 48-Year Run With WMA And WME


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