Showbiz Sandbox 179: How To Gamble And Win On Broadway

January 28, 2013


This year alone there are at least 15 new shows being mounted on Broadway including adaptations of movies such as “Diner” and “Big Fish”. At one point or another all were in search of financial backing, however well known productions with big name stars often don’t pay dividends. We review which upcoming stagings smart, experienced Broadway investors should be banking on.

A very successful Sundance Film Festival came to an end last week as distributors left Park City having acquired a dozen or more independent films. We discuss the reason behind the frenzied sales activity and why some films came with steep seven-figure price tags.

Since we’re on the subject of paying out or investing money, it looks as if the cable bill for Los Angelenos will be going up again thanks to the L.A. Dodgers deal with Time Warner Cable for a new sports channel. Does one market really need six sports networks. More importantly, why are the customers in a single market forced to pay for them whether they want them or not.

Of course we also cover the week’s top entertainment news including Warner Bros. new CEO, JJ Abrams signs on to direct the new “Star Wars” and Fox begs viewers to use their DVRs.


Kevin Tsujihara Named CEO of Warner Bros, Taking Over For Barry Meyer

‘Hansel and Gretel’ No. 1 With So-So $19 Mil; ‘Movie 43’ Bombs With $5 Mil

Foreign Box Office: ‘Django Unchained’ Retains No. 1 Spot, Flying Past 100-Million Mark

SAG Awards 2013: ‘Argo,’ Jennifer Lawrence, Daniel Day-Lewis Score Victories

PGA Awards and SAG Give Argo Oscar Momentum

‘Fruitvale,’ ‘Blood Brothers’ Lead 2013 Sundance Film Festival Awards

Sundance 2013: What’s Behind the 7-Figure Spending

A Bawdy CAA Party at Sundance Shocks Guests,0,6555866.story

It’s Official: JJ Abrams To Direct Star Wars VII

J.J. Abrams to Direct ‘Star Wars’: the Best Twitter Reactions

HBO Orders Third Season of ‘Girls’

Girls Season Two Opens Lower

Netflix Stock Surges

A Resurgent Netflix Beats Projections

Viacom CEO takes 22% Pay Cut

Amoeba Records Expands Online Presence

Parsing Coachella 2013: Lineup Highlights By Genre,0,6255316.story

Breaking With Tradition, Fox’s Following Promos Acknowledge the Existence of DVRs

CBS Seeks To Unwind Retrans Agreement

Barnes & Noble Insists It Is Committed To Bricks And Mortar

Newberry and Caldecott Winners Announced

South Park Doing Ten Episodes In The Fall

Dodgers Near TV Rights Deal With Time Warner Cable


  • Mgiltz

    I wonder how I’ll do as an imaginary Broadway mogul, deciding which shows I will or won’t invest in? It will take a year to find out but others can play along and decide whether I’m foolish not to put money into, say, the jukebox musical “Motown” or smart to lay money on “Cinderella.” Hopefully I’ll do better on Broadway than on my Oscar forecasts.