Showbiz Sandbox 185: HitBliss Bets You’ll Watch Ads To Get Free Movies

March 11, 2013


HitBliss is a new streaming video service that enables users to earn credit toward popular movies and television shows simply by watching advertising. The catch is all the targeted ads are shown up-front, and viewers must be paying attention or they won’t get the credits needed to purchase or rent videos.

Sharon Peyer is the co-founder of HitBliss and spent four years helping launch the company. In this interview she explains how the service originated, how it works and what the future of HitBliss might look like. Peyer believes consumers are actually willing to watch ads so long as the messages are relevant and they can get something out of it.

It’s no secret that streaming media services are all the rage these days, yet it remains to be seen whether they can be profitable too. Pandora’s latest earnings (or lack thereof) beat analysts expectations sending its stock price soaring. Unfortunately, the royalties they pay for music might start rising, along with the number of competitors like YouTube and Apple looking to enter the market.

Of course we also cover the week’s top entertainment headlines including Pink Flloyd’s 40 year presence in the music charts, Rupert Murdoch’s plans for a television sports network and the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart takes a crack at making a movie.



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Domestic: Oz Great and Powerful Opens

Disney Planning ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ Sequel

HitBliss, The Pandora Of Ads, Will Pay You To Watch Commercials

‘All My Children,’ ‘OLTL’ Announce Web Debut Date

US ISBN Monopoly Threatened By Self-Publishing

Digital Publishing May Doom ISBNs

Bowker’s ISBN Markup

March Madness Generates $1 Billion In Ad Sales

Dark Side Of the Moon On Charts 40 years After debut

Jon Stewart takes Summer Break

Hydra Is Appropriately Named

SFWA Fires Back at Hydra With Strongly Worded Letter

Details Of New Fox National Sports Network

Sam Mendes Says He Won’t Direct Next James Bond Movie

History’s Bible Brings 13.1 Mlllion

Joy Behar Departing The View

Hasselbeck Departing The View

5 Million US Homes Without Cable Or Over The Air TV

Pandora Stock Surges 25%

Pandora CEO Out

Record Labels Object To Apple’s Proposed Low Streaming Royalty Rate….

Streaming Music Service ‘Daisy’ Raises $60 Million

YouTube To Launch Music Streaming Service, Take On Spotify

Bleecker Bob’s, Sound Fix Record Stores Announce They’re Closing

Key Club to Close This Month

MGMT Anticipates Eponymous Album With Spring Run


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