Showbiz Sandbox 198: One Flop Does Not A Studio Break

July 15, 2013


Though the media might like to focus on Hollywood’s failures whenever a big blockbuster tanks, the reality is most movie studios can weather a flop or two. Modern-day entertainment conglomerates include music, merchandising, consumer products and travel divisions of which the movie studio is much smaller part. Disney, for instance, made nine times as much revenue in 2012 on its television media holdings than it did with its movie studio.

Even so, without a pipeline of even modestly successful movies, an entertainment company’s entire operation can eventually suffer. That’s why even though mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer is in a bit of a dry spell lately, (see “The Lone Ranger”) someone in Hollywood will always be willing to bet on his next project.

The past week also saw a seemingly endless supply of news stories concerning the health of celebrities. Placido Domingo was hospitalized with a pulmonary embolism, Randy Travis is in serious condition after suffering a stroke, Elton John canceled a tour after emergency surgery for appendicitis and it was all topped by the untimely death of “Glee” star Cory Monteith at age 31.

Of course we also cover the week’s top entertainment news including the Meredith Vieira’s return to television, a Twitter storm over “Sharknado” and Joan Rivers’ dispute with the Writers Guild.


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Jerry Bruckheimer’s Disney Future in Question As Moguls Defend His ‘Lone Ranger’

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Plácido Domingo Plans to Return to Work

Randy Travis Undergoes Surgery After A Stroke

Sir Elton John: I Nearly Died

Glee Star Cory Monteith Dies

Cory Monteith Dead: How Will ‘Glee’ Move Forward?,0,2574003.story

Meredith Vieira Launches Daytime Talk Show

William Lynch Leaves CEO Post at Barnes & Noble

Judge Rules Against Apple; They Will Appeal

Netflix In Talks for Another Season of ‘Arrested Development’

‘Ender’s Game’ Boycott Planned Over Orson Scott Card’s Anti-Gay Views

Lionsgate Calls ‘Ender’s Game’ Author’s Anti-Gay Views ‘Completely Irrelevant’

A Detective Story’s Famous Author Is Unmasked

‘Sharknado’ Creates A Social Media Storm,0,2988809.story

‘Sharknado’ Ratings: Lot of Wind, Little Bite

Rivera Memoir A Hit In Multiple Formats

Elizabeth Hasselbeck Joins FOX News

Hulu Sale Called Off

Joan Rivers Faces Writers Guild Trial In ‘Fashion Police’ Dispute,0,6050248.story

Joan Rivers Faces Potential Fine, Expulsion in WGA East Trial

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  • mgiltz

    It looks like “R.I.P.D.” (which didn’t even screen early for critics) is another major bellyflop — this time with a $130 million budget. Spielberg is right in a way — with budgets so big, even minor movies like this seem like big disasters. But will it change Hollywood? Nope. Hollywood always wants lean budgets and big stars and huge event pictures. Guess which one of those three is the first to fall by the wayside?