Showbiz Sandbox 201: Why CBS Is Winning The Battle (And The War) Over Cable Television

August 12, 2013


For the past two weeks Time Warner Cable has been blacking out CBS networks in New York, Los Angeles and other major markets over a retransmission dispute. Despite losing more than 3 million households ratings on CBS have remained steady giving the network no reason to back down from its demands. With the new television and football seasons set to begin in September Time Warner Cable may have no choice but to cave in to CBS’ terms.

Meanwhile, this summer’s blockbuster movies continue to underperform at the box office with Disney announcing they may have to take a $190 million write down on losses from “The Lone Ranger”. Actor Johnny Depp and producer Jerry Bruckheimer have figured out who to blame for the movie’s failure; vengeful American film critics.

After being publicly trashed by George Clooney, activist investor Daniel Loeb was unable to convince Sony to spin-off its entertainment divisions. Even so, Loeb says he’s pleased since the company’s stock price is up and its management more accountable to shareholders.

Of course we also cover the week’s top entertainment news including a lost film from Orson Welles, a new ending for the “Finding Nemo” sequel and the surprising new owner of The Washington Post.


‘Planes’ Breaking Animation Curse, Headed for $30 Million Debut

Disney Expects To Write Down As Much As $190M For ‘Lone Ranger’

Johnny Depp Blames Critics for ‘Lone Ranger’ Fiasco,0,1703205.story

Mark Wahlberg: Too Much ‘Scrutiny’ On Movies Like ‘Lone Ranger’,0,4257389.story

‘World War Z’ Becomes Brad Pitt’s Top-grossing Film,0,1652678.story

China Denies ‘Despicable Me 2’ Ban

Leno’s Last ‘Tonight Show’ To Air Feb. 6; Staff Paid Until September

CBS’ Les Moonves laughs off Glenn Britt’s A La Carte Proposal,0,3436404.story

Time Warner Cable-CBS Dispute ‘Run-of-the-Mill,’ Analyst Says,0,7336284.story

CBS Blackout Triggers Surge in TV-Show Piracy

Blackout Has Negligible Impact on CBS Ratings Founder To Buy The Washington Post

Fox Sports Grabs Rights To US Open

Weinsteins Taking Scissors To “Snowpiercer”

WBAI-FM Lays Off Most Of Its Staff

ABC Names First Non-White Bachelor

A Replacement for Blu-ray Is Coming: Does Anyone Want It?

CNN Fights Back on RNC Threat Over Clinton Documentary

Media Matters Chimes In With Call To Skip Miniseries, Documentary

Ken Loach Retiring From Feature Films

‘Blackfish’ Gives Pixar Second Thoughts on ‘Finding Dory’ Plot,0,7662071.story

Breaking Bad Series Finale Season Opens To Big Jump In Ratings

Early Film by Orson Welles Is Rediscovered

Orson Welles Frozen Peas

Daniel Loeb Vows to End Sony Spinoff Quest, At Least For Now

Copyright Lawsuit Targets Cover Songs on YouTube


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