Showbiz Sandbox 226: Back To The Future – Why TV Networks Suddenly Love Old People Again

February 24, 2014


Broadcast television networks are finally catching on to what most of us have known all along; people over the age of 50 actually watch a lot of TV. In a never-ending pursuit to attract younger viewers, networks discovered that baby boomers make up a large portion of their audience. Surely we’ll be seeing a lot more programming meant to appeal directly to this new found demographic.

Maybe some of these new, more mature shows can be turned into movies one day. That seems to be the new trend in Hollywood as studios get set to release two movies that are spun-off from canceled series (“Veronica Mars”) or are have actually already appeared on television as mini-series (“Son of God”).

Speaking of Hollywood studios, it turns out that despite crying poor on a perennial basis, they all managed to make hundreds of millions of dollars in profit during 2013. Not revenue… actual profit.

Of course, we also cover the week’s top entertainment news stories including Cee Lo Green quitting “The Voice”, CNN quitting Piers Morgan and the end of Moviefone’s movie listing service.


‘Ghostbusters’ Star Harold Ramis Dies at 69

‘Lego Movie’ Sequel Sets Release Date

Box Office: ‘Hobbit 2’ Opens to Huge $32.7 Million in China

Box Office (Global): ‘Pompeii’ Struggles Internationally With $22.8 Million

R-Rated ‘Anchorman 2’ Hitting Theaters for One Week

‘Anchorman 2’ Returns (Call It 2½)

Studio Profit Report: Who’s Up and Who’s Down

Churches Buy Out Multiplexes for ‘Son of God’ Opening

‘Veronica Mars’ Movie: Coming to a Living Room Near You

Pilot Season: 4 Hot Trends for 2014

TV Pilot Season 2014: By the Numbers

Fox Adds Family Drama From Jerry Bruckheimer

NBC’s ‘Heroes’ to Return as Miniseries in 2015

Jennifer Lopez Drama Ordered Straight to Series at NBC

How Actors With No Leverage Get Screwed in TV Contracts

Exclusive Media: Financial Backers Aren’t Bailing Out

Thank You, Rolling Stone

Piers Morgan and CNN Plan End to His Prime-Time Show

Cee Lo Green: I’m Not Returning to ‘The Voice’

Indie Numbers Fall Below 1,000 For the First Time

Brit Awards 2014: Winners List in Full

Emmys: Movie and Miniseries Returned to Separate Categories

Dish Networks Fights Dennis Hopper Estate Over ‘Hopper’ Name

Moviefone Is Hanging Up, but Its App Will Go On

Netflix to Pay Comcast for Smoother Streaming….


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