Showbiz Sandbox 299: The Gender Pay Gap Lands A Starring Role In Hollywood

October 19, 2015


Hollywood’s gender pay gap is once again a hot topic of discussion thanks to a frank essay on the subject by Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. We are joined by Karen Woodward, an entertainment industry social media consultant, who suggests that the crass and angry tone the actress took in her piece helped gain attention for the issue and start a conversation on how to fix the problem.

We’ll hear what Lawrence had to say about being paid less than her male co-stars, specifically how she’s no longer concerned with being “liked” or finding a kinder, gentler way to express her opinion. Now at least one of her frequent co-stars has plans to take up the cause with what could be a very effective strategy.

Meanwhile, with the number of major record labels having already declined to three from what was once six, it appears the industry’s contraction may soon affect music publishing with Sony/ATV looking for a new owner. Could one of the world’s largest music publishers soon merge with a competitor?

Of course we also cover the week’s top entertainment news including why Playboy magazine is getting rid of its centerfold, how “The Walking Dead” went global in a big way and Netflix earnings and subscriber growth disappoint Wall Street.


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Democratic Debate on CNN Draws Record 15.3 Million Viewers

Donald Trump: FCC’s Equal Time Rule Looms Over ‘Saturday Night Live’ Gig

Director Jean-Jacques Annaud Slams Academy Over China Oscar Rejection (Q&A)

Netflix Reaffirms Interest in Expanding Into News Programming

Netflix Tumbles After Disappointing Quarterly Results

Netflix’s Ted Sarandos: ‘There’s No Such Thing As Too Much TV’

Walking Dead Season Six Breaks Fox International Viewership Records

India Market Supersedes UK

Mercury Prize Nominees Are Named

‘Walking Dead’ Creator Frank Darabont Fights for Bigger Cut of Series Profits

Governors Ball petition NYC mayor to block Coachella offshoot festival

Sony/ATV sale expected to attract rivals, private equity


  • mgiltz

    It’s the latest episode of Showbiz Sandbox! Karen Woodward — A Sandbox Hall Of Famer — dropped in to discuss not just gender equality, but how Jennifer Lawrence’s essay played in the media and why her team unquestionably discussed the piece and its impact on her career and image before Lawrence signed off on it. Weighing in on hot button issues is something Hollywood celebs don’t take lightly…if they’re smart. Check it out!