Showbiz Sandbox 326: How Brexit Will Affect the Entertainment Business

June 27, 2016


Thanks to the passage of a referendum in the United Kingdom dubbed Brexit, Britain will soon be leaving the European Union. Entertainment companies beyond those in the UK suddenly face a lot of uncertainty and confusion over deals they have already made and will be making in the months and years to come. We discuss how the Brexit vote may affect the entertainment industry.

In other troubling news, the long awaited (as in 20 years) sequel to “Independence Day” opened to disappointing box office returns. This has led to industry pundits spouting erroneous lessons Hollywood can take away from its release. Knowledgeable nuggets such as don’t wait too long to make a sequel (or did they forget about “Star Wars”) and don’t make sequels without the original star (though “Jurassic World” proved that theory wrong just last year).

We also take a look at virtual print fees or VPFs. A letter from one of our listeners asked us to clarify how small independent distributors can afford them. So, we review the history of VPFs, how they work around the world and when studios will stop paying them to theater owners.

Of course we also cover the week’s top entertainment news including a court decides that legendary rock band Led Zeppelin didn’t plagiarize its biggest hit, “Mr. Robot” gets more episodes in its second season and “Star Trek” fan films get a green light from Paramount Pictures (sort of).


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  • mgiltz

    A new episode of our weekly podcast about Hollywood from the inside! We make fun of all the “lessons” people want to learn from flop movies (don’t make them without the original star, don’t wait too long, etc) and they’re all silly since they can all be disproved. But the lesson we draw is not helpful either: make movies people enjoy! Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula (even for Disney/Marvel/Pixar) which is why every weekend at the box office is so fascinating and frustrating to the biz.