Showbiz Sandbox 20: Judging Ellen DeGeneres and 3D TV

September 14, 2009

Getting everyone’s schedules in sync was a challenge this week given that all of our hosts were in different cities. It certainly didn’t help the audio quality either. Michael Giltz reports in from Toronto where he is covering the Toronto Film Festival.

If you’re following Michael on Twitter then you already know what movies he’s seen and what he thought of them (he loved “Up In The Air” and “A Serious Man” and wasn’t so keen on “Men Who Stare At Goats”). Michael tells us all about the Coen Brothers latest movie and the start of George Clooney’s run for another Oscar.

On the other side of the world in J. Sperling Reich was in Amsterdam, Holland speaking at the International Broadcaster’s Convention. The big news from the trade show is all the buzz about 3D content in the home. Karen Woodward and Michael agree, the world isn’t ready for 3D television. . . or is it? Read more