Showbiz Sandbox 42: Tom Cruise Takes A Pay Cut, And Other Indignities

February 15, 2010


We only talk about “Avatar” for a couple of seconds in this week’s podcast, thank goodness. Instead, we focus on actors campaigning for their Oscars (and a few who aren’t). We also discuss what we call “the 3D movie brouhaha” which has made Jeffrey Katzenberg irate.

In TV news, co-hosts Karen Woodward and Michael Giltz are passionate about the Olympics and the absurdity of “Lost” (even recaps are confusing!) And, after 28 years, MTV is changing its logo to reflect that the channel is no longer just about “music television”. They may be about 10 years too late.

Co-host J. Sperling Reich jumps into one of his favorite topics – new media – and reminds us that this guy named Steve Jobs sits on the board of Disney and is one of the top shareholders. No wonder Disney CEO Robert Igor called the underwhelming iPad “a really compelling device” that could be a game changer. We’ll hold off our thoughts on the new Apple product until we see if it really will change the way entertainment is distributed. 

All the top entertainment news stories of the week are rehashed in our Big Deal or Big Whoop segment before we end with some Inside Baseball, and a heated debate over journalistic plagiarism.

Programming Note: Sperling is on assignment next week, so we will not be recording a podcast. It’s a good time for you to download a few of our past episodes over on iTunes or the Zune Marketplace!

Oscar Diva Smackdown

Alice Might Get Shorter Theatrical Run….….

Katzenberg Angry Over Warner Bros Clash Of The Titans release

Next Spider-Man Movie to be in 3-D

Tom Cruise and Paramount Reunite For Fourth Mission….

MTV’s New Logo

“Lost” Recap

Disney’s Iger Takes a Big Swig of iPad KoolAid

HBO Gets Kathryn Bigelow For Pilot….

24 Headed To The Big Screen

USA Posts Sharp Drops for White Collar, Psych….

MySpace CEO Steps Down

MGMT Unveil New Album

Christopher Nolan Asked To Oversee Superman Reboot

Uproarious Hacktacular! Film Critic Paul Fischer Plays Loose With Movie Marketing Materials….



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