Showbiz Sandbox 43: The Obligatory Oscar Predictions Episode

March 1, 2010


After taking last week off we have to make up for some lost time during our latest episode.  This week the Oscar countdown begins as J. Sperling Reich, Michael Giltz, and Karen Woodward attempt to predict who will win some of the top prizes during this year’s ceremony next Sunday evening.  Academy Awards experts Anne Thompson from indieWIRE’s Thompson on Hollywood blog and‘s Erik Childress join in on the fun by letting us know what they think of our selections.

Will it be “Avatar” or “Hurt Locker” for Best Picture?  Cameron or Bigelow for Best Director?  What about Best Actress?  Will Meryl Streep edge out Sandra Bullock?  Many of the categories we try to predict are truly toss-ups, however Anne and Erik‘s  knowledgeable insights could be just what you need to win your Oscar pool.

Meanwhile, there is other entertainment news to talk about, such as Jay Leno’s return to late night television.  We whip through all the big showbiz headlines from the past two weeks in our Big Deal or Big Whoop segment, including Dustin Hoffman’s foray into television, the Hollywood Stock Exchange’s transition into a commodity’s market and Kevin Smith’s attempt to board a Southwest Airlines flight. 

During Inside Baseball, Sperling updates us on Disney’s feud with movie theatres over the release of “Alice In Wonderland”.  We also discuss Wal-mart’s purchase of Vudu, a video-on-demand Internet streaming company, and video rental kiosk giant Redbox agreeing to delay renting Warner Bros. until 28 days after their release on DVD.

Could “The Hurt Locker” Be Disqualified From The Oscars Because of an Email

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Roger Ebert: The Essential Man

Jay Leno Returns To “The Tonight Show”

Hollywood Stock Exchange Set To Launch…..

Hulu Turns to American Idol Creator to Produce New Online Show

William Shatner In Sh*t My Dad Says….

Dustin Hoffman Set To Star In HBO Pilot “Luck”….

“Modern Family” Director Boards “Arthur” Remake….

Twitter Wars: Kevin Smith vs. Southwest Airlines….

TLC Not Renewing Miss America Pageant….

NBCU Olympics: Digital Is The Future, But TV Is Still King….

A Recap of Disney’s Adventures With “Alice”….

Walmart’s Vudu In Hollywood…..

FCC: 93 million Americans Without High Speed Internet Access….

Redbox Agrees To Delay In Renting New Warner Movies….



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