Showbiz Sandbox 51: Ridley Scott Believes 3D Is An “Alien” Concept

April 26, 2010


Hollywood just won’t stop talking about 3D movies, so unfortunately we can’t either. It’s hard to argue against 3D when films like “How To Train Your Dragon” keep coming in first at the box office, even after five weeks in theaters. With the announcement that “The Green Hornet” and “The Last Airbender” will be converted to 3D the debate has turned to whether it’s better to shoot natively in 3D, or add it in post-production.

Filmmaker Ridley Scott won’t have to find out when he makes not one, but two prequels to his blockbuster “Alien” since he’ll be shooting them in 3D. Disney’s head honcho, Rich Ross, also announced a couple of upcoming releases when he finally met the press last week. We’ll be getting a sequel to “Monsters, Inc.” and a “Winnie the Pooh” movie, along with a few other family friendly flicks.

If 3D films don’t excite you, then the upcoming television season may not either. We review a number of pilots that are in the works, most of which seem derivative. In fact, some of them, like “Rockford Files” and “Hawaii 5-0” are simply rehashes of previous hit shows. 

During Big Deal or Big Whoop it looks as if the next “Shrek” film may be confused about its title and “South Park” gets censored. Our Inside Baseball segment this week provides an update on the two exchanges being set up to allow investors to purchase futures against box office grosses. Both have been approved by a regulatory body, but the MPAA still wants to squash them before they launch.

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