Showbiz Sandbox 54: Le Petit Cannes – Downsizing The Festival

May 17, 2010


Two of our co-hosts, Michael Giltz and J. Sperling Reich, are still at the Cannes Film Festival. Along with David Bourgeois, who is covering Cannes for Movieline, they discuss all the films they’ve seen, which ones they’ve liked, which ones are duds and the trends emerging at this year’s festival. So far it seems Mike Leigh’s film “Another Year” is the movie everyone has liked, while Woody Allen’s latest proved disappointing.

Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood” opened the festival, though it didn’t open theatrically as well as everyone had expected. In it’s debut week it couldn’t top “Iron Man 2” at the box office.

The past week also saw some big television news. Networks have begun holding their “upfronts” to announce fall schedules. As usual a number of new shows will be hitting the airwaves and few didn’t make the cut, including “Law & Order” which NBC canceled after 20 years.  

Our Big Deal or Big Whoop segment sees ESPN broadcasting sports in 3D, Disney turning to David Fincher to direct “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” and Shia Lebeouf trashing his own movies. We end with a little Inside Baseball that details the management struggle taking place at Lionsgate.

Michael Giltz’s Cannes Film Festival Coverage….….….

Baseball Players Turn To Teens At Plate

Teen Singer Charice, Already A Hit With Oprah, hopes to be the new Celine Dion.….

It’s Official: NBC Cancels Law & Order

NBC Cancels ‘Mercy’, ‘Trauma’

NBC’s Fall Schedule 2010-11

ABC Renews ‘V’, Cancels ‘Flash Forward’, ‘Romantically Challenged’, ‘Scrubs’, ‘Better Off Ted’….

ABC Orders Six Shows For Next Season….

Fox Unveils 2010-11 Schedule

George Lucas Writes A Fan Letter To ‘Lost’

NBC Bans Hollywood Trade After Reporter Sneaks Into Upfront….

Paramount Recalls Saving Private Ryan Blu-Ray Discs….

Comcast To Clear ESPN 3D….

Two 20,000 Leagues Films In The Works….….

Shia LeBeouf Is Sorry For Indy 4….

Shia LeBeouf Admits He ‘Wasn’t Impressed’ With ‘Transformers’ Sequel

Dave Matthews Band Taking A Year Off After 2010….

Lionsgate, Icahn In Settlement Talks….



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