Showbiz Sandbox 55: I Want My Google TV

May 25, 2010


It’s official. Google is getting into the television business with help from Sony and Logitech. Will making television searchable cause viewership to rise? On the other hand, movies have apparently found a way to shrink their audience – raise movie ticket prices. While “Shrek Forever After” may have topped the North American box office, it’s $71 million debut was seen as a bit of a disappointment. Industry pundits are pointing to the rising cost of 3D movie tickets as part of the cause.

And if you think movie tickets are getting too expensive just wait until cable companies start offering “home theater on demand”. Movie studios are being pitched by cable operators on distributing their movies via video-on-demand just 30 days after they are released in theaters. However, the $20 to $30 price tag may turn potential customers away.

We wrap up our coverage of the Cannes Film Festival, where an obscure “auteur” film from Thailand took the top prize. Michael Giltz and J. Sperling Reich tell us about all the films they liked (and hated) at this year’s festival.

The series finale of “Lost” aired over the weekend, though it received mixed reviews and mediocre ratings. During our Big Deal or Big Whoop segment we cover all the week’s top entertainment news including Lindsay Lohan’s court date, actress Megan Fox’s sudden unemployment and U2’s forced hiatus. We end with an update on the stalled sale of Miramax Films to former founders Weinstein brothers.

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Paraents Group Not Happy With ‘Sh-t My Dad Says’….

U2 Postpones Tour As Bono Recovers From Surgery….

Disney Formerly Calls Off Talks With Weinsteins….

Harvey and Bob Weinstein’s Bid To Reclaim Miramax Falls Apart,0,3572144.story



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