Showbiz Sandbox 66: Why Audiences Are Avoiding 3D Movies

August 9, 2010


Though 3D movies seem to be all the rage in Hollywood these days, it turns out fewer people are actually seeing them. Ever since the release of “Avatar” 3D’s box office earnings have been trending downward. Reporter Ben Fritz and columnist Patrick Goldstein, both from the Los Angeles Times, help us understand why 3D movies aren’t grossing as much as they did just six months ago.

Meanwhile over on “American Idol” they still haven’t worked out who will be judging next season’s competition, however Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler said publicly he was asked to join the show.

Arcade Fire released their third album “The Suburbs” to critical acclaim and they celebrated by webcasting their Madison Square Garden concert on YouTube. Making the event even more special, Terry Gilliam directed the webcast. Unfortunately for the concert industry, not every band is as successful as Arcade Fire at selling out their performances. Profits are down at concert giant Live Nation and it’s chairman has jumped on Twitter to explain why.

In Big Deal or Big Whoop we review all the week’s top entertainment news stories, including Wycleaf Jean’s Haitian presidential campaign, Charlie Sheen’s legal plea bargain and Seth MacFarlane’s big band album. During our Inside Baseball segment we talk about the big pay cut Tom Cruise is taking to appear in “Mission Impossible: IV”.


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