Showbiz Sandbox 78: The Fight Over Streaming Television Online

November 8, 2010


As if broadcast and cable networks didn’t have enough to worry about with online streaming offerings from Apple and Google, they now have startups such as ivi.TV to contend with. The company recently launched an online service that retransmits signals from broadcast television stations in New York and Seattle with more cities coming online soon. Though networks and movie studios are trying to shut the company down, its CEO, Todd Weaver, explains that ivi.TV is operating legally under current copyright laws.

Another media company dealing with legal issues is MGM who filed for bankruptcy protection last week. Fortunately the restructured studio won’t have to worry about an actor’s strike since the two unions representing thespians agreed to a new contract with studios and networks. The Hollywood Reporter’s Jonathan Handel fills us in on the key deal points as well as what the news means for writers and directors as they begin their own contract negotiations.

This week also marks the return of Conan O’Brien to late-night television as he kicks off his new show on TBS.

Taylor Swift is making headlines as well. Her third album, “Speak Now”, sold more than 1 million copies its debut week, a rare feat these days and one that hasn’t occurred since 2005.

During Big Deal or Big Whoop we cover the week’s top entertainment news, including a ranking of Hollywood’s most overpaid stars, college courses on Lady Gaga and Lil’ Wayne’s release from prison. Jonathan Handel joins us


MGM Files For Bankruptcy After Creditors Strike Deal With Carl Icahn….

Net Startups vs. Media Titans

Disney Merges Television Distribution Into Home Entertainment….

‘Daily Show’ Beats Leno, Letterman For First Time….

Taylor Swift Album Is A Sales Triumph….….….

150,000 Scale Times Digital Paywall….

First Cover Of New Hollywood Reporter Riles The Wrap….

NBC Renews Days Of Our Lives For Two Years….

Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Actors 2010….

National Enquirer’s Owner To File For Bankruptcy,0,3965331.story

Gwyneth Paltrow Will Sing Cee-Lo’s ‘Forget You’ For ‘Glee’….

William Shatner Covers Cee-Lo Green on Lopez Tonight

Lil’ Wayne Released From Jail

Label Says That’s Michael Jackson On New Michael Jackson Song….

MTV Back In The Music Business

12-24 Demo Attending 57% Less Concerts Since 2000

Sir Elton John Admits Defeat In Pop Charts

University Offers Course In Lady Gaga

Broadway’s ‘Spider-Man’ Can’t Get Off The Ground

Actors’ Unions Reaches Deal With AMPTP


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