Showbiz Sandbox 86: Why TV Viewing Is Rising As Moviegoing Declines

January 3, 2011


On more than a few occasions during 2010 one could hardly fault moviegoers for feeling as if they’d been duped as they left theaters. Movieline journalist and author Alonso Duralde believes that in at least seven instances films were misrepresented by their marketing campaigns. He discusses, among others, the arthouse movie that was sold as an action thriller, the riotous comedy that isn’t funny at all, and a princess tale disguised as a swashbuckling adventure.

Marketing could hardly be the primary reason 2010’s box office was down slightly from the previous year’s record earnings. With ticket sales off by an estimated 5.36% the only thing propping up film grosses were higher ticket prices, which noticeably rose over the past year.

On the other hand, Nielsen reports that Americans are watching more television than last year, around 34 hours per week. Unfortunately for the major broadcast networks which once ruled the airwaves, viewership has become fractured as it spread out across hundreds of cable channels. The only big TV winner during 2010 was living sporting events, which accounted for eight of the top ten highest rated shows of the year.

All of the weeks top entertainment headlines are analyzed during Big Deal or Big Whoop, including the rumored reunion of the Swedish rock group ABBA, the retirement of Stephen King’s weekly magazine column and an Oscar campaign that broke a few Academy rules. The trends music industry executives believe will shape their industry in 2011 is our Inside Baseball topic.


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