Showbiz Sandbox 102: Why Music Videos Matter (Again)

May 9, 2011


Music videos rose to prominence in the 1980s to become on of the most important promotional vehicles for new music. As fans grew tired of watching their favorite musicians lip sync their way through elaborate videos MTV and the like stopped showing them. However, with the advent of inexpensive production equipment and the ability to reach a massive global audience via the Internet, musicians have begun churning out a new crop of innovative, and at times interactive, music videos, revitalizing an art form once written off as extinct.

In other music news, Warner Music Group was finally auctioned off for $3.3 billion. Now there is talk that the record labels new owner might scoop up EMI making Warner Music Group even larger than it is already. Meanwhile, in an attempt to reverse declining box office, concert promoters are trying to win audiences back with cheaper ticket prices and high-end acts.

Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes, two of the Internet’s most popular movie sites, were sold to Warner Bros. We debate whether the move will influence some of the reviews and recommendations the websites have become known for.

We also discuss and analyze the week’s top entertainment news stories, including the Tony nominations, executive shakeups at both MTV and Oprah Winfrey’s network, and how Jerry Seinfeld plans to stay relevant through his new website.


The Film Department Shutters

Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes Bought By Warner Bros. Home Entertainment….

Blavatnik Agrees To Buy Warner Music Group For $1.3 Billion….

Amazon Launches 69 cent MP3 Store For Top Selling Tunes….

Beyond Thriller: Reinventing The Music Video

Lady Gaga’s New Single Judas Leaks To The Web

Exec Who Shaped MTV Networks For Decades Steps Down,0,693326.story

Oprah Network Ousts Its CEO

The 2011 Tony Award Nominations….

Lots Of Drama But No Fall During Spider-Man Rehearsal….

Seinfeld On The Web, Portion Controlled….

Tarantino Wants Will Smith To Star In Django Unchained….

Ubisoft Motion Pictures Aims To Bring Game Franchises To Hollywood….

Paula Abdul Closes Deal To Join Simon Cowell As ‘X-Factor’ Judge

Nicole Sherzinger and Steve Jones To Host X-Factor….

“Dark Tower” Staff Put On Hiatus As Filmmakers, Studio Address Budget Problems….

Amazon Close To Launching A Tablet Reports Say….

Spotify Rolls Out iTunes Rival

Concerts Cut Ticket Prices and Add Star Power

SiriusXM CEO Mel Karmazin Vows Big Consumer Price Hike (If FCC Allows It)….

Is HuffPost Good Journalism

Jeffrey Bewkes Discusses Media, Entertainment


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