Showbiz Sandbox 111: Can Paste Magazine Ignite A Digital Publishing Revolution?

July 11, 2011


Less than a year after ceasing publication of their print edition Paste Magazine has revived itself in a new digital format. The popular music and culture magazine shunned the traditional print medium and relaunched as a weekly web periodical chock full of long-form features, downloadable music and multimedia content. Editor Josh Jackson reveals how the new Paste mPlayer was designed from the ground up as a next-generation publication. Is Paste giving us a glimpse into the future of magazines?

Soap operas are in the midst of their own transformation. Rather than canceling “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” as planned, ABC has struck a deal to keep the shows alive on the Internet. Will loyal viewers migrate online to keep up with their favorite soaps?

The music industry has also received some good news lately. Not only will the hotly anticipated arrival of Spotify in the United States soon be a reality, but Nielsen Soundscan is reporting that music sales are up slightly this year. Does all of this mean the music business is poised to make a comeback?

We answer all these questions and more while providing analysis of the week’s top entertainment headlines, including Paramount’s plans for an animation studio, Rupert Murdoch’s fight to gain control of BSkyB and why your Internet service provider may be in touch about all that pirated content you’ve been downloading.


‘Transformers: Dark Of The Moon’ Repeats As Top Box Office Champ….

Paramount Announces Animation division Amid Dreamworks Departure Rumors….

Paste Magazine Returns With New Digital mPlayer….

Amazon Offers Unlimited Cloud Music Storage For $20 Per Year….

Spotify Coming ‘Soon’ To U.S., Albeit No Deal (Yet) With Warner Music….

Nielsen Soundscan 2011 Midyear Report: Music Sales Up For A Change….

Beloved Soap Operas To Migrate Online….

Scandal Shifts Britain’s Media And Political Landscape

StumbleUpon Drives More U.S. Web Traffic Than Facebook….

The Potter In Print Count….

Highest-PaidAactresses: Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker Rake It In….

Hulu Plus Tops 1 Million Users

Malone Explains Bet On Barnes & Noble

‘Mama Mia! The Musical’ To Open In China….

Keith Olberman’s Ratings Fall In Week 2….

Did The Entertainment Industry Backdoor In Forcing ISPs To Kick People Offline….


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