Showbiz Sandbox 123: DVR Data Can Save TV Shows From Cancellation

October 17, 2011


It turns out your DVR can be helpful beyond just recording your favorite television shows. Examining which commercials you skip past might be able to help predict box office flops and monitoring which shows you watch can save a borderline series from being canceled. We’ll debate whether television networks and movie studios can benefit from the data being collected from your DVR.

Apple however may be trying to make your DVR obsolete. The long standing rumors that Apple might be working on a next generation television set have heated up once again. Would you welcome Apple into your living room?

Dozens of entries make up this year’s Best Foreign Language Oscar list, though all of them will ultimately be nominated. We’ll explain how the list ultimately gets whittled down to just five movies.

We also cover the week’s top entertainment headlines including why Hulu is no longer for sale, why Jonny Depp’s “Lone Ranger” is back in production and how Amazon plans to make publishers unnecessary.


Scorsese’s Unfinished 3-D “Hugo” Gets Strong Reception

Academy Unveils Entrants For Best Foreign Language Film….

Are DVR Ad-Zappers Signaling Trouble For ‘Three Musketeers’?….

DVRs Bring Some Shows A Ratings Boost….

CBS Masters Viewers Universe With Big Bang Theory….

Early Report: Facebook Music Isn’t Helping Artists Gain Fans

Pandora Slow To Lure Mobile Ad Dollars Even As iPad Listeners Flock….

Billy Elliott To Close In January

Funny Girl Finds A Home On Broadway

A Detour On Road To Broadway For ‘The King’s Speech’….

Susan Boyle Musical Coming To America?

Samuel L. Jackson In ‘The Mountaintop’: What Did The Critics Think?….

The Mountaintop (Sort Of) Scales The Heights….

Apple, Hollywood in Talks to Allow Movies On iPhones, iPads….

Steve Jobs’ Groundbreaking Finale: Remaking The TV….

Can Netflix Sell U.S. Users On Foreign Shows?

Black List Launching Web Site That Tracks Most Popular Scripts In Real Time….

Official: Disney’s ‘Lone Ranger’ Sets May 31, 2013 Release Date

Iranian Actress Faces Flogging Over Film

Scarlett Johansson’s Alleged Hacker Apologizes

Paul Simon Plans Graceland Tour

Comedy From Ryan Murphy & Allison Adler Lands At NBC With Big Commitment

Alec Baldwin To Host Podcast For WNYC

Universal Cancels ‘Tower Heist’ Premium-VOD Test

Netflix Pays $1 Billion For CW Streaming Rights

Rosie O’Donnell Beats Oprah Winfrey On Her OWN Network

Hulu Is No Longer For Sale

Hulu’s Owners May Pursue An IPO For Video Website After Canceling Auction

Amazon Signs Up Authors, Writing Publishers Out Of Deal

Cinema With A New Dimension


  • Mgiltz

    DVRs aren’t just for time-shifting anymore. In the latest episode of our free weekly entertainment podcast, we show how Hollywood is using DVR info to predict box office and save TV shows on the bubble. We also predict the winner of Best Foreign Film at next year’s Oscars, say goodbye to Bill Elliott and hello to Dr. Martin Luther King on Broadway and more. Check it out!