Showbiz Sandbox 124: UltraViolet Is A Solution In Search Of A Problem

October 31, 2011


More than 75 companies have teamed up to form UltraViolet, a new service that promises to give consumers the freedom to watch movies and television shows wherever and whenever they want. However, early adopters have discovered that untethering content from physical media such as DVDs can be a tedious and confusing process. As the entertainment industry experiments with rapidly evolving technologies, viewers seem hard pressed to find any benefits in moving to the cloud.

When it comes to music though, fans have already migrated to online services such as Pandora, iTunes and Amazon. Now Google is preparing to launch its own music offering which is rumored to allow users to share music with their friends and family.

And if you thought digital technology was a tough racket, so is trying to copy the success of the hit television series “Mad Men”. NBC failed with it’s 1960s drama “The Playboy Club” and ABC isn’t fairing much better with “Pan Am”, a similar knock-off. They could have picked up Charlie Sheen’s new sitcom, “Anger Management” as a replacement, but FX scooped it up before anyone had a chance.

We also cover the week’s top entertainment news including new legislation aimed at curbing piracy, Netflix’s continuing struggles and why Adele had to cancel the rest of her world tour.


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Pro Football Dominates Fall TV Ratings

Slow Start For TV’s X-Factor….

Charlie Sheen’s ‘Anger Management’ Lands at FX

Amazon Becomes A Book Publisher – Is Music Next?

Pandora Prepares To Do Battle With Local Broadcast Radio

Google Music Will Let Users Share Songs After Purchase

At Broadway Box Office This Fall The Plays The Thing

UltraViolet Adds Streaming Access To DVD And Blu-Ray

Doris Day to Receive Career Achievement Award From Los Angeles Film Critics Association

YouTube Announces TV Initiative With 100 Niche Channels

Redbox Raises Its Prices To $1.20

SAG and AFTRA Condemn IMDb Revealing Performers’ Ages

Warner Bros. Closes Harry Potter Vault December 29

CW Strikes 5-Year Deal With Hulu For New Shows

Netflix Takes Up A Third Of Internet Bandwidth

Netflix Stock Falls 35% As Analysts Turn On Company

Despite Millions of Record Sales UB40 Members Are Bankrupt

Leonard Cohen To Release A New Album Next Year

Tim Burton Sews Up A Spot In Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Adele To Have Surgery On Vocal Chords

Ticketmaster To Pay $10 To Fans It Redirected To Scalper Site

Amy Winehouse Inquest Rules Death By Misadventure

Hilary Swank Fires Staff Over Chechen Incident

Feds To Blacklist Piracy Sites Under House Proposal