Showbiz Sandbox 135: Is The SAG-AFTRA Merger Good For Hollywood?

February 6, 2012


After years of humoring the idea it looks as if two of Hollywood’s largest labor unions may actually merge. Detailing the history of SAG and AFTRA, Jonathan Handel, a contributing editor at The Hollywood Reporter and an entertainment attorney, explains the reasons behind why the unions might want to merge and what it all means for the entertainment industry.

The telecast of Super Bowl XLVI proved to be another ratings winner and as in previous years, is expected to be the most watched show of the year, if not all-time. Were audiences tuning in for the game or to watch Madonna’s extravagant half-time show?

Despite gaining a million subscribers last year the minuscule royalties paid by Spotify to independent musicians barely budged at all. Some industry veterans have grown weary of subscription music services and are advising they be used for promotional purposes only.

We also cover the week’s top entertainment headlines including a new CEO at Sony, why you won’t see Bon Iver perform at the Grammys and how Facebook might turn U2’s Bono into a billionaire.


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‘Watchmen’ Prequels: DC Dares To Expand On Classic

Daniel Radcliffe: My Days As ‘Messy Drunk’ Were Less Than Magical

Random House Will Raise Library E-Book Prices, But Commits To E-Book Lending

George Harrison Guitar Collection Explored In New iPad App

Sony Promotes Kaz Hirai To CEO

Warner’s Bronfman Vows To ‘Fight’ EMI Sale To Universal And Sony

Ryan Seacrest And Clear Channel Deepen Business Relationship

Facebook Flotation May Make U2’s Bono A Billionaire

Hollywood Reporter’s Labor Coverage

SAG and AFTRA Unveil Merger Documents

Jonathan Handel’s Book – Hollywood On Strike!


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