Showbiz Sandbox 139: Why The Music Industry Is More Brutal Than Ever

March 5, 2012


With nine different streaming services there are more ways than ever to listen to music these days. With the likes of Spotify, Rhapsody, Rdio, Mog and Pandora all competing for our attention and media dollars, some have argued that there is too much competition in the market and is primed for a major consolidation. Which services will survive and why? Will Amazon, Apple or Google launch there own services? We try to answer all these questions and more.

Meanwhile Harvey Weinstein is once again fighting the MPAA over the ratings for one of his films. Public figures such as Rev. Jesse Jackson joined the chorus of those opposing the R-rating which the Weinstein Company’s school bullying documentary received. Unfortunately, if “Bully” is released without a rating, movie theaters may be forced to treat it as an NC-17 film.

Former co-host Karen Woodward, joins us to run down some of the top entertainment news stories of the week including, James Spader’s departure from “The Office”, Mike Tyson’s Las Vegas show, and Random House trippling the price of e-books for libraries.


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Davy Jones, Monkees Heartthrob, Dies at 66

MOG Is (Kind Of) For Sale As Subscription Music Consolidation Looms

Rhapsody Says Major Label Licensing Is Still A “Brutal, Brutal Reality…”

Record Labels Hope “Work For Hire” Rules Allow Them To Screw Artists Again

Julie Taymor Blames Bono And The Edge For ‘Spider-Man’ Problems In Latest Court Filing

Why James Spader Is Leaving And Ten Other Revelations About The Office

Web Comic Raises $1.25M On Kickstarter

Kickstarter Expects To Provide More Funding To The Arts Than NEA

American Idol’s Decline Marks End Of A TV Era….

‘Ghostbusters 3’: Bill Murray Out, Dan Aykroyd Says Film’s Future Uncertain

Oscar’s Flat TV Ratings Worry Hollywood

Billy Crystal’s Oscar-Night Sammy Davis Jr. Impersonation Draws “Blackface” Criticisms

Alan Ball To Step Down As ‘True Blood’ Showrunner

Librarians Feel Sticker Shock As Price For Random House Ebooks Rises As Much As 300 Percent

Time Warner CEO Pushes TV Everywhere As A Necessity For Cable Operators

Mike Tyson To Debut Onstage In One-Man Vegas Show About Himself

NATO Threatens Weinstein Co With NC-17 Rating For ‘Bully’

Rev. Jesse Jackson Urges Ratings Board To Reverse ‘Bully’s’ R Rating

Tens Of Thousands Sign Petition Urging MPAA to Overturn ‘Bully’s’ R Rating

Aereo Offers TV-Over-Internet With Antennas Engineered To Comply With Law