Showbiz Sandbox 144: Measuring Media Proves Difficult In The Digital Age

April 9, 2012


Whether trying to figure out how many users the streaming music actually has or why audiences have abandoned television shows in the ten o’clock hour, it turns out keeping track of media metrics often requires fuzzy logic.

In one instance the ratings for CNBC in the 18 to 49-year-old demographic plummeted when three people included in Nielsen’s measurement sampling turned 50. Meanwhile, Billboard’s new formula for ranking singles caused Justin Bieber to narrowly miss hitting the number one spot.

There have been no problems counting money at movie theater and Broadway box offices. “Hunger Games” has helped movie grosses continue their record setting pace for the year and over on the Great White Way, three musicals pulled in over $2 million during Easter break.

Of course, we also cover the top entertainment headlines from the past week, including Ryan Seacrest’s Olympic efforts, Vince Vaughn’s bad timing and YouTube’s confusing relationship with Viacom.


‘Wrath of the Titans’ Holds at No. 1; ‘American Pie: Reunion’ Sets Franchise Record With $19.3 Million

Facebook Stats Show 17.5 Million Using Spotify

Pandora Listeners Grow 59%….

Broadway Grosses: Three Shows Cross $2 Million Mark Over Holiday Week

Broadcast’s Graveyard Shift – It’s 10 p.m.

‘Hunger Games’ Director Gary Ross In Tough Negotiation For Sequel

Letterman, Ferguson Extend Runs On CBS

Who’s Got Digital Circulation

Bad Timing For A Comedy Called Neighborhood Watch

Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ Is No. 1: Guy Oseary, Jimmy Iovine On The Art Of The Album Roll-Out

Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ Debuts At No. 2 On Hot 100

Jack White Pioneers New Music Distribution Channel: Balloon Launched Flexi Discs

Keith Olbermann Sues Current TV

Avatar 2 Delayed

Universal Will Reboot The Mummy

CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother” Is A Late Blooming Hit

James Murdoch Quits As BSkyB Chairman

Booksellers Disappointed By Google Decision To Drop Indies

GCB Season 1 DVD Announced

Ryan Seacrest Announces New NBC Job On ‘Today’

Paramount Signs Up With Google Movie Rental Service

Viacom Advances In YouTube Suit….


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