Showbiz Sandbox 162: Did The Justice Department Destroy The Literary Ecosystem With E-Book Settlement?

September 10, 2012


Despite strong opposition from authors, publishers, retailers and the public, the U.S. Department of Justice settled their anti-trust case with three major publishers over e-book price fixing. Even an explanatory comic strip from a well regarded copyright attorney couldn’t prevent a ruling that some industry analysts say will enable Amazon to dominate the market. However, not all involved parties have settled, with Apple, Macmillan and Penguin awaiting trial on the charges.

The headlines weren’t any better for the movie business, where theatrical attendance over the past weekend was the worst on record in more than 10 years. It probably doesn’t help that Fox announced they would make movies available for digital download shortly after they hit theaters.

On the other hand, magazine publishers have a lot to cheer about for a change, especially when it comes to the skyrocketing sales of overseas titles.

Of course we cover all the week’s top entertainment news including the return of ratings powerhouse “Sunday Night Football”, Daniel Craig’s future as James Bond and why the Oscars telecast will be singing a new tune next year.


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A Work of Art: Bob Kohn Submits DoJ Amicus Brief as Comic Strip

U.S. Attorneys Are Not Impressed By Bob Kohn’s Comic Brief–s-comic-brief-.html

Federal Judge Approves Settlement in DoJ E-Book Case

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TV Ratings: Sunday Night Football Makes Record Return on NBC

NBC Broke Even On Olympics

Among Others Wins Hugo For Best Novel

Apple Plans Web Radio Challenge to Pandora

Daniel Craig Confirmed For 2 More Bond Films Which Sony Pictures Is Co-Financing With MGM

Condé Nast’s Dolce Vita


  • Mgiltz

    Are lower prices for ebooks always good for consumers? That’s what my friend asked during a Yankee game a few weeks ago. Not when it means one company will have a monopoly on the market and book stores disappear across the country just like record stores have. I think this settlement is very dangerous and I’m sorry some publishers made a financial decision to settle that will harm the industry long term.